graphic-divas‘Art is in the Heart’, they say. The way each artist expresses himself can be said to a portrayal of their personalities or may be the depiction of part of their vibrant imagination. There is no limit to an artists imagination, thus opening up a universe that full of vivid imagery, vibrant colors and boundless beauty.

What happens when you combine art with the beauty of the female form? Add the radiant color to the feminine beauty and you have a combination that is a sight to behold. This theme is based on the work of such an artist who has added vibrant colors to serene female forms to create artistic masterpieces.

Graphic Divas Theme is based on the works of CocaColaGirlie. Visit her page for more wonderful stuff!

(All the artwork in this theme is used with explicit permission of the artist. Do not copy or redistribute in any form. Please respect the artist’s copyright.)

Graphic Divas Theme for Windows 7 consists of 35+ Hi-Res Wallpapers, custom icons, and sounds. Also included is a set of nice cursors for a complete artistic feel on your system.

Screenshots for Graphic Divas Windows 7 Theme:

Graphic Divas Wallpaper 04 - TechNorms

Graphic Divas Wallpaper 05 - TechNorms

Graphic Divas Wallpaper 09 - TechNorms

Graphic Divas Wallpaper 02 - TechNorms

Graphic Divas Wallpaper 15 - TechNorms

Graphic Divas Wallpaper 21 - TechNorms

Graphic Divas Wallpaper 08 - TechNorms

Graphic Divas Wallpaper 26 - TechNorms

Graphic Divas Wallpaper 03 - TechNorms

These are just a few of the 35+ Hi-Res wallpapers that come with this theme. Download the theme to get them all.

Custom Icons, Cursors, and Sounds For Graphic Divas Theme:

Graphic Divas is an Exclusive Theme for all the TechNorms subscribers. So along with Icons and cool sounds, it comes along with a set of Cursors. Check them out.

Icons Set:

Graphic Divas Icons - TechNorms

Cursor Set:

Cursor Pack with Graphic Divas Theme - TechNorms

Download Graphic Divas Theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8:

Windows 7 Graphic Divas Themegraphic-divas-windows-theme

Download from the Windows Themes Gallery