Quick Login FormIn the past we’ve covered Google’s Multi Sign-in feature, which unfortunately has a limitation of 3 accounts. Today we bring you a Chrome extension called Quick Login, which works pretty much the same way, but has a limitation of 10 accounts. It lets you quickly switch between Google/Gmail accounts, without having to type in your username and password over and over again.

If you use a password manager such as LastPass or 1Password, then you’ll find that Quick Login is very similar. It acts as a Single Click Sign-in Assistant exclusively for your Google accounts and lets you access them quickly. All you have to do is configure your accounts in options and Quick Login will take care of the rest.

Your information will be stored locally on your computer and the passwords are encrypted using an advanced encryption method. So let’s see exactly how this extension works.


Once installed, you’ll need to go to the extension’s options to configure your Google accounts. This is pretty self-explanatory. There is a field for a name/label, which is what will show in the Quick Login form. Then you’ll also need to enter your username and password for each account.


Advanced Options

There is a link in the top right of the options page called “Advanced Options.” Clicking on this will display another field after the password field called “Google URL.” This field lets you specify the Google URL that you want to land on after clicking on an account from the login form. This feature does not work with all Google Products though (i.e. Analytics). If you leave it blank, you’ll land on a page that shows all of the Google products you’re currently using and you can choose where to go from there.

Note: The Google URL field only applies if you simply click on an account (in the login form) on a page other than a Google product.


You can use Quick Login from the Chrome toolbar or you can hide it to save space. Whether you choose to hide it or not, whenever you go to a Google product page, the Quick Login form (known as the Sign-in Assistant) will show up on the actual page so that you can choose which account to login with. Unfortunately, “it has been noted that the Sign-in Assistant will work with only few of the Google’s Services.” In that case you may just want to leave the button showing.

Google Sign-in Form


  • This plugin is not intended for public usage because this will allow anyone to log into your accounts.
  • It has been stated that, “Quick Login’s Sign-in Assistant will not show up in all of the Google’s login pages. However, you can auto-login to Analytics using the Quick Login extension menu.”
  • The extension is not 100% compatible with Google Apps; so it may not work as expected.

Final Thoughts

Speaking from personal experience, I use 1Password for all of my login needs and it works great; so I cannot see myself using a tool like this even just exclusively for Google accounts. However, if you’re someone who just uses Google Chrome’s built in password manager, then this is an excellent tool to help you log into your accounts even quicker. Try it out for yourself and see if it works for you. Also feel free to share your own personal experience in the comments below.

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