iPhone RumorsAccording to an unconfirmed rumor coming from China, Apple will launch the iPhone 5 in September and the third generation iPad later this fall. The same source says that suppliers are currently preparing 400,000 trial run units of the iPhone 5 and that the initial order would be of 4 million units.

In the case of iPhone 5, previous rumors and leaks have indicated a fall release of the product. Last week, Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer dropped the words ”future product transition” during the company’ s quarterly earnings call,probably referring to the future release of the fifth generation iPhone.

New rumors have revealed some staff changes within the company, since Apple is reportedly hiring new employees to cover the expected influx of customer traffic in September, and is also asking former ones to return to their jobs in retail stores as part-time staff between August 15 and September 15.

iPhone 5, iPad 3 launch details

Just recently, some Asian manufacturers have leaked images with the design cases of, what seems to be, Iphone 5, revealing major design changes for the upcoming iPhone. Gathering all these rumors, we might not need Apple’s confirmation to figure out that the iPhone 5 is closer than ever, most likely set for release this September.

But unlike the long debated iPhone 5 subject, there weren’t many rumors indicating that Apple will soon release a third generation iPad. Nothing is certain about what will the next iPad look like, what would it sport and how it would be. Some rumors argued that it will be a completely redesigned iPad 3, with an A6 processor and considerable improvements in performances and features. Others claimed that Apple would most likely launch a “two and a half” model, that would bring improvements to the iPad 2.

Now, it seems that ChinaTimes reports a certain September release for iPhone 5 and a later launch of iPad 3, possibly somewhere around Thanksgiving. The iPad release would reportedly be delayed due to some component shortages.

This fall Apple is also releasing its updated operating system, the iOS 5 and probably that is when they will also release the rumored iPhone 5.

The Chinese rumors haven’t been yet confirmed and will probably remain unconfirmed, since Apple has always kept things secret when it comes to future gadgets. But the leaked information could be reliable, since Apple has many Chinese suppliers that would have knowledge of the giant’s production plans.

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