apple-trailers-appAnother new Apple iOS app which was released along with iOS 5 and other Apple iOS apps is iTunes Movie Trailers. This universal app that works for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch offers easy access to Apple’s library of movie trailers, either upcoming in the theaters or up for grabs from the iTunes Movies Store.

If you’re a movie buff who sources your movies from iTunes, this app is definitely a worthy download. Although the iTunes Movies Store in itself allows you to preview movies available, iTunes Movie Trailers app makes previewing movies easier and better.

You’ll also get the same HD quality previews as well as Standard Definition (SD) previews. The best thing about it is that you can preview movies while you’re on the move.

iTunes Movie Trailers – How Does it Work

Screenshot of iTunes Movie Trailers App - Main View

The app is free to download from the iTunes App Store. Right after installing the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, simply fire it up and you’ll be greeted by a very nice user interface very similar to iTunes Movies Store.

At the upper part of the screen is a marquee of featured movie ads which you can tap on to access one movie after another immediately. Or you can select movies to preview from the those listed below.

Screenshot of iTunes Movie Trailers App - Movie Details

When you’ve selected a particular movie to preview, you tap on the play button to start the movie trailer of check out the movie details first. Movie details contain various information including a brief synopsis of the movie when available.

You can also navigate to other movies by tapping their thumbnails located on the lower part of the screen.

Screenshot of iTunes Movie Trailers App - Sample Trailer

When previewing a movie, the app will open its built-in player and starts playing movies in HD format. You can also toggle on/off the full-screen view by simply tapping on the small icon located at the upper right portion of your iDevice’s screen.


iTunes Movie Trailers – Navigating Through the App

Screenshot of iTunes Movie Trailers App - Movie Genre

While you’re on the app’s main screen, you’ll have several navigation options to explore further what the app has to offer. You can browse movie previews by genre, search for particular movie using the search button or browse movies via playdates, top 25, In theaters or Favorites.

Screenshot of iTunes Movie Trailers App - Calendar View

The Calendar view displays thumbnail images of movies arranged by date. The Top 25 view gives you various selections based on the most popular trailers, weekend box office, top reviewed from Rotten Tomatoes and iTunes very own Top Movies.

The In Theaters view locates movies based on your current location. The app uses your devices’ location feature and prompts you to turn it on in case you haven’t done so. Finally, the Favorites view displays movies you marked as your favorites.

Other Features of iTunes Movie Trailers

Aside from letting you watch movie trailers in HD and SD format as well as find movies to watch in theaters, the app also has several other useful features. In some cases, the app also gives you a gallery of still shots from individual movies which you can browse via slideshow. You can even save these images and use it as your iPad’s wallpaper.

Screenshot of iTunes Movie Trailers App - Sharing Feature

The app also lets you find the showtimes of movies currently in theaters. And yes, the app is also integrated with Tweeter, allowing you to tweet a particular movie with an available trailer to your Twitter timeline. You can also share movie trailers via email. Similarly, movies featured on the app is deep linked with iTunes Movies, allowing you to easily purchase a movie right from the app.

For those with Apple TV, iTunes Movie Trailers also lets you watch movie trailers on your TV via Airplay.

The app also supports iCloud, allowing you to push trailers to all of your iOS devices (iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generations) provided that these devices are running iOS 4.3 or later.

Final Thoughts About iTunes Movie Trailers App

While some might say that iTunes Movie Trailers is a redundancy of sorts since you can already preview movies on iTunes if you’ve been doing it that way you’re probably aware that this can be time-consuming. Streaming the trailers via iTunes is tad slow as compared to opening it up via iTunes Movie Trailers app. And besides, having a one-stop for movie trailers whether upcoming in theaters or to be available for sale or rent on iTunes is definitely more useful.

Apple surely knows that there is a market for this app and iOS users would want to have it. Apple was right. I for one is thankful for this nice, little app.

Get the iTunes Movie Trailers today from the iTunes App Store.

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