You find music everywhere, and thanks to the internet, streaming and downloading is much convenient. In fact, there are free music download sites to stream your favorite songs legally. It essentially means that the artists or the company who own the copyrights give you permission to do so.

Artists grant specific permissions on how listeners should access their music on music websites. These permissions protect the artist’s creation and ensure that their music is not misused. The other music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora just let you listen to music online.

Top Free Music Download Sites in 2020

If you are among the thousands of people who are unsure about which websites to refer to for downloading music, you have come to the right place. The free album download websites enable you to save your favorite songs on your device without any cost. All the options that we have listed are legal, so there will not be any copyright infringement issues.

1. Jamendo: One Of The Best Free Music Download Sites

jamendo free music download

Jamendo has a vast collection of songs from various artists. You can easily download your favorite music for free and legally without any copyright issues. It is one of the best free music download sites available online.

Jamendo is highly popular among music lovers because of the Creative Commons Licenses that it supports. It is one of the few sites that give you access to free Creative Commons Music. Creative Commons provides licenses that allow musicians to protect their rights and they use this platform to distribute their music for free and to be promoted in a better way.

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2. NoiseTrade

noisetrade download free music

Noisetrade lets you download free music from thousands of artists. It is a great platform to connect artists with their fans. One of the most incredible free album download websites, NoiseTrade lets artists know who and where their fans are. If you have excellent music content, you are bound to be popular among your listeners. Noisetrade also has its mobile app.

Fans can listen to music and leave suggestions for bands to promote music. All the music on Noisetrade is entirely legal, and it is easily updated, making it one of the best free music downloading websites.

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3. Free Music Archive

free music archive

Free Music Archive (FMA) is a great platform to download free music with high quality directed by WFMU. WFMU is a popular freeform radio station in America. All the music is legal and free from copyright issues. Free Music Archive offers a good source for collaboration between curators and artists that include netlabels, venues, artists collectives, and museums.

It is inspired by the Creative Commons and open-source software movement. Artists can create their pages, so music lovers can discover more about the music they make. Although you can download music without creating an account, signing up has several perks. This includes making your music collection and interacting with other listeners.

One of the unique options when it comes to free music download sites, Free Music Archive, is unmissable.

Get Free Music Archive here

4. PureVolume

pure volume

PureVolume is another addition to the list of free music download sites. It provides passionate artists with a place to promote their music for free. You can search for songs by categories like for ‘Top Songs, Top Downloads, Albums, Events’ quickly from popular and trending content. One can also browse by artists.

You don’t need to create an account to download music on PureVolume. If you are an artist, you can create a free account to upload your music.

Get PureVolume here

5. Amazon

amazon music

Although Amazon is the most popular shopping website used by millions of people to purchase things from A to Z, very few people know that it also allows you to download free music. You can see the song with its name, artist, album, and time (length of the song) where the free download is available.

There are several songs on Amazon that you can play before downloading. It can be done to check the quality or simply confirm if it’s the same song that you are looking for. If you check the free music page in the Amazon Digital Music section, you will be able to check the songs that are available for download. 

However, you need to note that users need the standard regular Amazon account to download these songs. You can also avail of the membership and stream and listen to millions of songs with Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon is also one of the best music album download websites that offer a 30 day free trial period. 

Pricing –

  • $7.99/month for Prime members
  • Non-Prime price: $9.99/month

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6. Internet Archive’s Audio Library

internet archive

Another great addition to free music download sites, Audio Archive, has an extensive collection of various music genres. In this free music downloading website, you can filter your search by media type, topics and subjects, a collection, creator, and language.

Whether you are looking for ‘Grateful Dead Concerts’ or old radio shows, Audio Archive has everything. You can even contribute your audio by uploading it. All you need to do is set up a Creative Commons License to let people know what they can do with your audio.

Get Audio Archive here

7. SoundClick

sound click

SoundClick lets you browse for songs by music charts and genres to help you find your free music downloads. You can either download it or just listen to it; the choice is yours.

Although most songs on SoundClick are free, there are a few songs that you need to pay for. There are some songs that you can stream for free and not download. If you are an artist, you can sell your musical composition. Just get the approval of an MP3 band account with at least one MP3.

One of the most popular free music download sites, SoundClick, includes instrumental, hip hop, rock, alternative, urban, acoustic, and every other genre.

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last fm is one of the most popular websites for free music downloads, where there are several pages to search for your favorite music. There are live charts of songs, new releases, and coming soon categories. It is very simple to download songs on this website. All you need to do is click as there is no registration to be done.

You can create your profile, track what you like to listen to, and get the relevant music chart and recommendations similar to your choice. One of the best free album download websites,, also displays the latest news about what’s happening in the world of music on the home page’s sidebar.

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9. SoundCloud


SoundCloud has music for everyone, from professional artists to passionate, new musicians. Some artists require you to like their Facebook page to be able to download their songs. Other artists give you the option to download music for free. You can also listen to music without downloading it by simply clicking on the song.

SoundCloud allows you to repost, share, add to next up, and add to playlist. One can search by artist, bands, tracks, and podcasts. It is quite popular among music lovers since it allows singers and artists to promote their music for free and connect with their fans. You can also create your account and post your songs.

If you are a music lover, there is a high probability that you have checked out SoundCloud, one of the most sought-after free album download websites, at some point.

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10. CCTrax


CCTrax lets you select songs from various categories like rock, modern classical, techno, electronica, and ambient. You can create your playlist. Creative Commons License enables you to download free music and provides a platform for artists to promote their music. There is a massive list of artists to choose from.

As one of the best free music download sites, CCTrax provides you unrestricted access to music and requires no email or registration.

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11. eMusic


eMusic lets you download free music. It gives you access to a vast collection of music from both established artists and independent musicians. Thanks to mobile apps for iOS and Android, it becomes easy to carry your favorite music collection anywhere you go. You can sign up for free or login using your Facebook or Google account or Email.

It contains every popular genre you are looking for, whether hip hop, pop, metal, blues, classical, or jazz. You can browse by albums or artists. Discover and explore the top charts from all countries worldwide and get your hands on a rare music collection on one of the best free album download websites.

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12. BeSonic

besonic free music download websites

BeSonic has music from all popular genres such as rock and alternative, mixed up, jazz & blues, pop & electro, etc. Each genre is divided into various subcategories on this website, giving you a vast collection of songs to listen to.

It is a superb resource to find and download free music. For those who want to upload their songs, BeSonic supports all popular audio formats, and the maximum size of data is 200MB per file. One of the most popular free album download websites, BeSonic also allows music lovers to share their favorite songs with others and directly post on social media.

Get BeSonic here

13. Musopen

musopen free music download sites

Musopen is an excellent resource for free downloads of classical music. It has songs by famous classical musicians. This site for downloading free music is unique since it creates free resources and educational materials. It means no copyright restrictions for recordings, sheet music, or textbooks.

It has all the incredibly talented composers content like Bach, Schubert, and Mendelssohn. The site also provides music education resources for students and teachers to help them with their musical skills. Check out one of the best free album download websites, Musopen, and get your hands on excellent sheet music.

Get Musopen here

14. Dramacore

dramacore free music download sites

Dramacore is an internet-based music label popularly known as Netlabel, which distributes music for free. It is entirely legal as the artists can promote their music without any copyright issues. Artists throughout the world can contribute to this website. If you are passionate about music or an artist, Dramacore helps to connect music to loyal fans.

The user interface is quite interesting and unique. There are pictures and symbols under each category or section of the page, making it look very engaging and beautiful. The interface might look a bit updated, but the exquisite collection makes it worthy of inclusion in our best free music download sites list.

Get Dramacore here


Music is a way of expression. Using words in the form of lyrics can be used to denote any emotion, whether happy or sad. Only music enthusiasts would understand this language of love and what it means. In a world where everyone is stressing over their everyday lives, music comes as an easy escape.

The free music downloads sites listed above are carefully picked and will surely take you by surprise since the choices of genres are plentiful. All the free album download websites that we have listed are legal. Be it popular songs, top charts, old classic albums, or rising artists; the websites boast every type that you can think of.