We handle many PDFs regularly, be it your telephone bill, credit card statements, ebooks, or some vital letter; everything comes in PDF form. And therefore, it is essential to have one PDF tool handy to help you work with your PDFs conveniently.

There are many PDF converters and editors available online; EasePDF is one such tool. We explored several features of this tool while working on the EasePDF review. It has more than 30 tools that can make working with PDFs easy. Let’s know and explore more about it.

What is EasePDF, and What Does it Offer?

EasePDF is a safe and efficient online tool that makes it easy to work with PDFs. You can convert Word and Excel files to PDF, unlock, split, merge, rotate, and edit PDFs with this one tool. EasePDF provides 30+ PDF tools. It can be your one-stop destination when it comes to working with PDFs.

EasePDF Review

We used EasePDF on the Google Chrome browser. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a  browser to use this online tool. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to installation and setup, as you just need to sign up for this tool on their website, and you can access everything it offers.

User Interface (UI)

The user interface of EasePDF is clean. You can navigate through all the features conveniently without getting confused. Also, no advertisements or pop-ups are showing up when you access the EasePDF tool on the web.

I didn’t like the interface because there is too much information and text related to the feature you use. Although the information frame is below the tool window you are currently using, it is unnecessary and may even have irrelevant links.

Text and information below the Unlock PDF feature
Text and information below the Unlock PDF feature

As seen above, a ton of text and links were presented when I tried using the Unlock PDF tool.


 EasePDF features
EasePDF features

There are some fantastic features offered by EasePDF, which we would like to mention in the below sections.

Safety and Security

When it comes to online tools, we are more concerned about the safety of the documents we upload on their server. However, with EasePDF, you don’t need to worry about that, as they do not scan, copy, analyze or store your files on their server. The PDF files which you upload are deleted after 24 hours.

EasePDF applies a 256-bit SSL Encryption to all the files, documents, and data you put in the tool. And they also assure that the data is not shared with anyone else. Also, the password which you apply to PDF to lock it is not stored on EasePDF servers. So, when it comes to the safety aspect of your crucial files, EasePDF is a good choice.

Unlock and Protect PDF

Unlock and Protect PDF
Protect PDF

At times, sharing a bill or bank statement with someone can become a cumbersome process when they are password protected. It is because you need to share passwords and your PDFs so that the person can access them.

With EasePDF, you can get unlocked versions of your password-protected PDFs. I tried unlocking one of my telephone bills, and the process was straightforward. All you need is the password of the PDF to unlock it once. Once you download the unlocked PDF, you can open it without any passwords.  

You can also add passwords to the PDFs you want to secure. The process of protecting your PDFs is also relatively easy, you need to upload the file, add the password, and you are done. The downloaded PDF will ask for a password whenever you wish to access it.

Edit PDF

You can rotate, eSign, edit, add watermark and page number to your PDFs with this tool. I tried adding an image to the PDF and was able to do it without any issues.

Adding numbers to the PDF was confusing, especially if you want to exclude a specific page or start numbering from a certain number. However, after doing it once or twice, you can get the hang of the process.

Convert from PDFs

EasePDF gives you an option to convert PDFs to Word, HTML, RTF, PPT, and many more formats. In addition, you can convert multiple files together with this PDF converter.

Organize PDF

If you want to split your PDF into parts or merge it with another PDF, you can do so with the help of EasePDF. There are also options to compress and crop PDFs. Some users may find split functions challenging to use, but you will understand how it works once you do it.

Convert other Files and Images to PDF

Sometimes, the images or word files need to be uploaded in PDF forms. Often you can do it via some native software on your computer, but if you cannot, you can use EasePDF to do it within a few minutes. You can convert Excel, JPG, PPT and even HTML to PDF. As such, it can be beneficial for kids who wish to upload assignments on the school platform.

This section of the tool is also easy to use, and you don’t need any tutorial to help you. All you need to do is read the instructions on the page and keep on clicking until you get the converted file.

All the above features are available for free users only. However, there are some limitations on free use. We look into that in more detail in the pricing section of this EasePDF review.


EasePDF does not provide live chat, call, or email support. Instead, you need to fill up a contact form to ask them queries or give your feedback. It is an all-in-one form to post your questions, share your feedback, and suggest something.

EasePDF Support form
EasePDF Support form

You can also refer to the FAQ page for quick information. A separate form or live chat support is excellent to put our questions and queries, but that’s not available for EasePDF.


There is a lack of clarity and plenty of confusion when it comes to the pricing of EasePDF.

On the EasePDF website, you see a line that says ‘Efficient, Safe, and Free PDF Online Solution,’ but the tool is not entirely free. Instead, it’s freemium, and there are some limitations to the free plan.  

A sentence on the EasePDF website
The EasePDF website

Now, coming to the plans, EasePDF offers two plans, one is Free, and the other is Premium. The Premium plan starts with 4.95 USD/month, and if billed yearly, you can get it for 3.33 USD/month.

Pricing plan of EasePDF
Pricing plan of EasePDF

With the Free plan, you can work on the PDF file with less than 10MB and a maximum of 50 pages. Also, only two tasks/operations are allowed in 24 hours. Once you consume both tasks, you are blocked for 24 hours.

Limitations of EasePDF
Limitations of EasePDF

One thing I liked about EasePDF is that you can explore all the features and then decide whether you want to go for a Premium plan or not. The downside is that it is very easy to hit the free tier limits, even when you just need to use it occasionally.

Pros and Cons

Looking at all the features of EasePDF we tried for the review, the service is excellent!  However, there is scope for improvement on the presentation and support front.

Pros of EasePDF

  • No learning curve, all tools are easy to use
  • Access to all features even in the free plan
  • Does not share or saves the documents and passwords on their servers
  • Provides 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • Has a free tier

Cons of EasePDF

  • No live chat or email support
  • Only two operations are allowed in 24 hours on the free tier, making working and exploring all features or occasional use difficult.
  • Pricing details for the paid plan should be more upfront.
  • There is no desktop version available.

The pros and cons mentioned above are as per my experience while using the service for this EasePDF review. But, of course, your experience and opinions can differ depending on your use and requirements.

Should You Use EasePDF?

One of the reasons to try the freemium tools is you can use the features for free and then make a call whether it suits your need or not. Well, this EasePDF review is all about it. EasePDF provides you access to all the tools. Although there are some limitations with the free version, you can try out all the features one by one.

Some PDF editors and converters are difficult to use, and you may need an instruction manual on how to use them. However, anyone with or without any knowledge of PDF tools can use EasePDF with ease.  

However, if you don’t have access to the Internet regularly, EasePDF may not be the right choice for you. EasePDF is an online service that needs an Internet connection and a browser. If you need a PDF tool that works locally on your computer, you need to look for other PDF software.

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