LockHunterLockHunter is a powerful tool that helps you not only delete what appears to be a undeletable file or folder but also locate exactly what process is keeping it from being deleted in the first place. If you have ever been frustrated because you cannot delete a file or folder, LockHunter can easily combat that frustration.

LockHunter not only deletes files and folders that are locked by other processes but helps you figure out what is locking them whether it is a process, a program or something else in the background. Our guide will walk you through how easy LockHunter is to use so you can get started using it right away.

How to use LockHunter

For starters, let’s take a look at what happens when you try to delete a folder that is locked by a process.

This pop-up should be familiar for users trying to delete a file or folder.

(3) delete folder

Windows always ask for confirmation so you do not accidentally delete something important. Click “Yes” to continue.

(4) folder in use

The next pop-up might be a familiar frustration for users who have run into locked files or folders.

If you click Try Again, you will simply get the same message again unless you know exactly what needs to be closed that are locking the file or folder. Click “Cancel” to close the pop-up.

After downloading and installing LockHunter, you want to go ahead and open it up to get started.


The main screen is where you will do the majority of work with LockHunter.

From here, you can locate the file or folder you want to eliminate, as well as either delete it or check out other information on why they were locked, to begin with.

Click on the “…” button.

Browse options

A small drop down menu will appear letting you specifically look for either a file or a folder. Click “Browse for a drive or a folder…” to continue.

Browse For Folder

You can now locate the folder giving you grief. Select it. Then, click “Ok.”

You will follow similar steps for locating a file that is locked.

Now, LockHunter will let you know exactly what is locking the folder in question.

What processes are locking this file?

In this case, there must be a Word document opened within the folder that makes it impossible to delete.

There are now two different ways you can go about unlocking the folder in question. You can either delete it without consequence to what has it opened and locked out you can choose to end the process and manually delete the folder.

Click “Other…”

Other options

Another drop down menu will appear, allowing you the option to either close the locking process or delete the locking process from your hard drive disk. Do not ever click the latter unless you are completely positive the process is malicious, such as a Trojan, hijacker or other types of virus. If you choose to delete the locking process, you may inadvertently ruin your ability to use a program or other software related to that process.

Click “Close Locking Processes.”

Unlock all warning

A pop-up will appear giving you warning that the process will be shut down. This means that any other documents or files opened by the process and working with it will be lost and unsaved. If you are okay with that, click “Yes” to continue.

While closing the process is a good way to identify what is causing a file or folder to be locked, you can also choose to just delete a file or folder from LockHunter without warning about the process.

When you have chosen the file or folder, click “Delete It” instead of Other….

Unlock all warning

Another pop-up will appear warning you of the process for simply deleting a file or folder. First, LockHunter will close all processes. This means any data will be lost and unsaved. Then, it will go ahead and delete the file or folder in question on your behalf. You must click Yes to make this happen, otherwise click No, save whatever other data you may need to save and then go back to using LockHunter to delete what you need to be eliminated.

You can use one more feature of LockHunter on a file or folder called Unlock It!. This feature allows you to close all processes conflicting with deleting a file or folder. This allows you to either delete the file or folder in question or simply have access to it again if a conflict is causing issues opening, moving or otherwise working with them. Simply click “Unlock It!” to start.

Unlock all warning

One more pop-up will appear letting you know all processes associated with the file or folder will be terminated. Click “Yes” to continue with the process or No to abort it.

Now, you can use LockHunter as you see fit to help combat locked files and folders on your computer.

How handy is LockHunter?

LockHunter is an exceptionally easy to use and handy tool for any computer user. Whether you know about computers or not, LockHunter can be used right away after installation with little instructions for most. LockHunter makes the process of deleting undeletable files and folders much quicker than trying to locate what is locking a file or folder, to begin with on your own.

Since most users do not know what is actually locking a folder or file, LockHunter takes the guessing game out of your hands and lets you do what you have wanted to do all along without much effort: Delete a file or folder.

Download LockHunter.

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