Windows 7 Themes Gallery Over the last few weeks we have released a number of Windows 7 Themes on a regular basis. Many of these themes have been very popular with our readers and have been downloaded 100s of times.

However, at times we have received comments and emails from our readers – about not being able to install the themes on their PCs.

So we thought why not write a simple guide to explain the process of installing our themes and make this process easy for our new readers and subscribers.

Download Themes From Windows 7 Themes Gallery:

All our themes are located at a single download page for ease of exploring and download for our readers. The themes are located at the Windows 7 Themes Gallery page.

This page shows the most popular downloads in the Top Section and various other themes are listed in their respective categories just below this section. If you are a regular visitor, you must be familiar with this page.

Popular Themes   - © TechNorms

Accessing the Download page for a theme:

Each theme has its dedicated download page. You can click on the link for any of the themes listed in the gallery and you would be taken to the download page for that theme.

Lets look at the Lamborghini Theme Download page.

TechNorms Theme Download Page  - © TechNorms

We have tried to give each and every detail for the theme on the download page. You can see the Theme Description, its release date, the category it was posted in, the number of times it was downloaded and most importantly the download button.

You can click on the “Read More” button to view the screenshots of the theme.

Downloading a Theme from the Gallery:

When you click on the theme download button – we initialize the download and you would see the download window pop-up

Download Window  - © TechNorms

Please click on “Save file” option and save the theme in a preferred folder on your computer. Once the download has completed open the folder where you have saved the theme. Here you would see the compressed zip file for the theme.

[All our themes are compressed with Zip software, to reduce the size of the Theme File thus reducing the download time. In order to open a theme file you need to install a Zip Software like 7-zip (recommended) or Winrar. Many of you would already have one of these on your computers, since its widely used by computer savvy users.]

In order to install the theme on your computer, you would need to extract it first with a compression software like 7-Zip, Winzip or Winrar mentioned above.

Just right-click on the Theme file and click on “extract here”.

Compressed Theme File  - © TechNorms

The theme would be extracted with a few seconds and a new folder with the theme file would be created automatically. Navigate inside that folder and you see the Theme file.

Extracted Theme File  - © TechNorms

Just double-click on the Theme file and it would be installed on your Windows 7 computer.

Theme Install Process - © TechNorms

After installation it would take you to your Windows Personalization window where your installed theme would be highlighted in blue.

Personization Options - © TechNorms

Now you can enjoy your favorite theme on your desktop!

Go to our Window 7 Themes Gallery to explore more themes.  Check out other themes in the gallery – There is always something new and interesting to download!

Enjoy our Themes, and don’t forget to comment or Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via comments or email – we are always looking forward to know you guys better.

Note: This tutorial shows you, how to download and install themes from TechNorms Windows 7 Themes Gallery. This method may not work on Themes downloaded from other websites.

  • Are these themes just for windows 7?

  • Are these themes just for windows 7?

    • Yes, These themes are meant for Windows 7 only, since Microsoft has enabled a cutom format for themes to be applied on Windows 7. However, you can use these themes on Windows XP as well as Windows Vista, but it involves making a few tweaks and modifications by the user themselves.
      If we get enough requests for Windows XP and Vista themes, we would write a guide which would help users use the Windows 7 themes on XP and Vista.

    • i have prob..the icons do not appear as they have been mentioned in the theme pack,,they remain the to change the icons to the one’s mentioned to be part of the theme pack?

      • Hi. The icons change only if you have enabled the option to change icons for your computer whenever a new theme is applied. To check if that option is enabled on your PC, follow these steps:

        1) Right click on the desktop and click on “Personalization” option.
        2) At top Left of the window – Click on “Change Desktop Icons” Option. (A New Window opens up.)
        3) At the bottom check if “Allow Themes To Change Desktop Icons” option is checked. If not, Check it and Re-apply the theme.

        This would definitely resolve your issue. To make sure, you can download and apply a different theme of your choice.

  • Are these themes just for windows 7?

    • Yes, These themes are meant for Windows 7 only, since Microsoft has enabled a cutom format for themes to be applied on Windows 7. However, you can use these themes on Windows XP as well as Windows Vista, but it involves making a few tweaks and modifications by the user themselves.
      If we get enough requests for Windows XP and Vista themes, we would write a guide which would help users use the Windows 7 themes on XP and Vista.

  • Raviteja9666 says:

    an error is coming that .
    This edition of windows does'nt support themes.
    but i am using windows 7 home .
    wat should i do ?

  • Ravi, This issue comes up in Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter editions, since these versions do not have the Windows “Aero” feature.

    We are going to post a solution for this issue within a couple of days, which would enable to use our Windows 7 Themes on Windows 7 Home and Starter editons. Stay tuned.

  • Hi guys… I’ve been trying to find a solution to my issue but have no proper leads and am seeking your help!
    I have a win 7 Home Basic 64 bit and it is very good except for the fact thet it does’nt support themes by MS…I don’t want to try uxtheme patcher and third party themes i just want ms themes installation enabling…regedit exploration is not yielding results either!
    Pl send me as soon as you find out how to enable themes install..

  • If possible please let us know the configuration of your Windows PC(processor, RAM etc). That would be helpful in finding the proper solution.

    We will look into this issue and present one or more possible solutions soon. Stay tuned.

  • how do i get windows 7 starter 3rd party software for theme?

    • I assume you mean, how can you apply Windows 7 Themes on the starter edition? Is that correct?
      Well, Zack, currently Windows 7 Starter edition does not support Aero, which means it would not let you apply any Windows 7 Themes.

      We are currently looking for ways to make this possible. If we find a solution we would post it on the blog, stay tuned.

  • Secretrizqi says:

    he he he i have windows 7 basic and i can apply this themes
    to install theme in windows 7 basic: you must have Tune Up Utilities

  • jonnyg143 says:

    it doesn’t give me a download link or a read me link.. how come???

    • Are you talking about a specific theme or all themes?

      Its quite easy to download any theme you need – Click on the Windows 7 Themes link in the navigation menu top right corner of the site. That will take you to our Windows 7 Themes gallery.

      In the gallery click on the theme you want to download. On that theme page you will see an option to view screenshots of the theme or download it. Please let me know if you need more help. Thanks!

  • Sure we will. We plan to cover a number of countries in the coming days in our Travel Themes section. We would love to create a theme based on Bangladesh.

    If its possible for you, please do point out a few websites for wallpapers or famous landmarks and monuments from Bangladesh, which should be covered in a theme based on Bangladesh. It will help us create a better theme that way. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Mart_cindy says:

    hi….. by chance, did u guys find a solution to install themes for windows 7 starter????
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee…… thanks!!!!

    • Yes we did, long time back. You can read about it here – You should subscribe to our email newsletter or RSS feed to stay updated. 🙂 We have received good feedback for that tutorial so you should try it out and let us know how it works for you. Thanks!

  • Sure, I would love it, if you can share some photographs or even send me a list of important landmarks so that I don’t miss any in the theme.

    BTW, I happened to watch the Cricket World Cup ceremony held in Bangladesh – It looked majestic. Good job – Maybe I will include one wallpaper about that ceremony as well! Cheers and keep visiting! 🙂

  • Please let me know the Windows 7 version you are using and if the same issue happened with any other themes you downloaded. This will help me suggest a solution. Thanks.

  • Hi. It seems you do not know that Microsoft hasn’t enabled themes for Win 7 starter and Home basic editions. Hence when you apply any of our themes they don’t work.

    Also, the uxtyle hack is applied for 3rd party themes only. Our themes are standard Windows 7 themes and do not need uxstyle.

    But, we have found a a way for our themes to work on the Starter and Home Basic editions. Please read this article, where we have described how this can be done – If you have any more questions, let us know.

  • Hello!

    Well, i have a problem to install the theme of One Piece… i did the installation, double click, blah, blah, blah… but always it says me “Windows can’t save this file in your pc”
    Is problem from my pc or the theme…or something…?

    Please, help me ):

    And sorry for my bad english, i’m spanish xd

    Gracias (:

    • What is the version of Windows 7 That you are using? Please let me know and we can look into this issue.

      • I have the same problem with the same theme my OS is W7 Home premium x64

        • i’m with the same problem (Windows can’t save this file in your pc) please help. Windows 7 ultimate SP1 (32bits) – i’m from Brasil

  • Sergio Malgas says:

    hey guys is it free to download these themes for windows 7?

    • Yes, all our themes are available for free download. Only a few Exclusive themes are available only to our Facebook fans and email newsletter subscribers – but they are also free to download.

  • hi, i tried to create my own windows theme like you guys, well i did, but i cant get the sound and cursors into the .theme file, it doesnt save them, any clues why? it only saves the backgrounds

  • Please let me know which version of Windows 7 are you using on your PC. The instructions to install themes on Windows 7 Standard and Basic editions are different.

  • plz tell me website for downloading windows 7 home basic themes……………………………