When it comes to casual gaming, one of the most well-known games is Angry Birds. The reach of this game is mind-boggling and it’s massively popular with all the age groups. This popularity also reflects from the stats of our Angry Birds Windows 7 Theme.  It is the most downloaded theme in the themes gallery and it maintains the lead by huge numbers. It doesn’t seem like anything is beating Angry Birds in popularity anytime soon!

Angry Birds Google chrome themes were due for a while and there has been a lot of demand for it. Well, here is a set of themes that you are sure to like. As usual, we like to keep the themes simple and try to avoid clutter in your browser. These themes are also designed with the same goal in mind and we think that all fans of the game will find the themes to match their taste.


Not everyone has the same choice when it comes to wallpapers or themes. Keeping this in mind, we have created different themes based on Angry Birds. Anyways, having a choice while selecting a theme is always good. May it be the choice of images used or the colors in the themes. So in this release, we have 3 different Angry Birds Chrome themes for you. Check them out below and let us know which one you liked best.

Angry Birds Google Chrome Themes:

Theme Description:

Each of the Angry Birds Chrome Themes below is unique and is based on a different image. We tried to accommodate a number of colors in the theme while making sure that all links and bookmarks are clearly visible. The themes match the color of the background image and its color.

Technical Details:

We try to make sure that all our Chrome Themes work on all monitor resolutions. Minimum recommended resolution is 1024 × 768. Anything smaller than that would mean some part of the main theme image may be hidden. The theme should fit all resolutions up to 1920 X 1200.

[Click on the images to see an enlarged version of the theme]

1.  Angry Birds – Cold Rage

A theme based on a nice Angry Birds winter wallpaper. The theme has a general dark tone and is best viewed on larger resolutions.


Download Angry Birds – Cold Rage Theme

2. The Big Red Angry Bird

As the name suggests, the theme is based on the big red bird of Angry Birds. We all love smashing pig castles with this bird and I am sure you will like this angry bird in your chrome browser. This theme adopts a bright blue shade to go along with that of the wallpaper.


Download The Big Red Angry Bird Theme.

3. Angry Birds and Scared Piggies

A theme based on the awesome wallpaper by Craiganeedham that does justice to the theme name. The theme has a light blue tone that goes nicely with the wallpaper.


Download Angry Birds and Scared Piggies

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How To Download & Apply These Chrome Themes:

Download while using Google Chrome  –

The best way to download and apply any of our Chrome themes is through the download link beneath each of the theme images above. Otherwise, you can visit our Google Chrome Themes Gallery while you’re browsing this site in Google Chrome, click on the “Download | Apply” button and you would see an information box at bottom left corner of the browser. Click on “continue” and the theme would be applied to your browser.

Download while using any other browser

If you are using some other browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can download and save the theme in any desired folder, and when you are running Google Chrome, just drag the downloaded theme file and drop it in Google Chrome’s interface, and the theme would be applied.

Your feedback will help us make better themes in the future. Do let us know your thoughts about these themes and which one among the 3 themes above you liked the best, in the comments section below.

  • Senina chung says:

    Like the third one:
    Angry Birds and Scared Piggies