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I am a professional Software Engineer, hobbyist Blogger, and a binge-watching Netflix junkie. I am passionate about Coding and Computer Science on one hand & Media and Consumer Tech on the other. I wear many hats at TechNorms, as and when required.
Computer Keyboard Buying Guide

Keyboard Buying Guide: What to Look For When Buying Your Next Computer Keyboard

A few months ago, I built a new PC. Quite a bit of research went into deciding the components and making sure that they were compatible. One of the easiest decision was buying the keyboard - Microsoft’s Natural Ergonomic Keyboard. Why? Mainly because it looked cool, sounded cool and was fully loaded. If I had done more research about keyboards then, my decision might have been different.

This keyboard buying guide aims to break down the technicalities into a set of simple factors that you should consider before deciding on a keyboard.

How to Configure Windows 10 for Complete Security and Privacy?

Microsoft's Windows operating system has been the primary target of all sorts of attacks - hackers, viruses, malware and what not - given its wide user base and vulnerability to various attacks. Windows 10 has received a fair share of flak over some of its features and policies regarding the user's data use, but Microsoft has been pretty reliable when it comes to the user's security.

The good news is that Microsoft has learnt a lot from all this targeting of Windows users, and has built robust security features into Windows 10 itself. Of course, all these features and other tools cannot keep your system secure unless you are a vigilant user. You should be aware of the security and privacy settings on Windows 10 and configure them as per your needs.


How to Avoid Being Scammed in the Name of Microsoft Support

A few days ago, I got a call from an unknown number with the person claiming to be a Microsoft Support technician. Some of the things that the caller mentioned immediately made me suspicious. The call lasted barely two minutes. Makes me wonder how many people are called up everyday and how many of them fall prey to the phishing scam.

Here's the account of how the call conversation went and some tips about what you can do to avoid being scammed in case you are targeted.

Review: The Samsung Galaxy S6 is The Perfect Android Smartphone. Almost!

The Samsung Galaxy S series of phones have been Samsung's flagship devices for 5 years. Successive generations of the devices built upon the features of the previous generation devices - they all boasted powerful hardware, mediocre build quality (in my opinion) and bloated software (A universal opinion about TouchWiz).

In a market where Samsung was losing ground to other Android devices and Apple having a momentous quarter for the iPhone, Samsung needed a game changer. And if you ask me, the S6 is a game changer.

The S6 takes the strongest features of the S series phones and tackles the longest-standing issues with Samsung phones. The S6 hardware is top-notch, physical build quality is awesome and TouchWiz is streamlined. The S6 is great at many things, but it is not perfect. Read on for details.

How to Disable or Enable Secure Boot on Your Computer via ASUS UEFI BIOS...

Step by step guide to enable / disable secure boot on ASUS motherboards with UEFI BIOS, which needs GPT Partition Style as a prerequisite

iPhone 6 Plus Review: Awesome iPhone Experience in a Bigger Package

You know the feeling - there is something that you like just fine, but there is one thing about it which just doesn't sit well with you - and that stops you from having that 'something'. Yeah, that feeling. That's how I felt about the previous generations of iPhones.

They are usually very fine devices - but something that never sat well with me was the size. They seemed small. Smaller than a lot of devices in the market. Smaller than my current phone. Then the iPhone 6 Plus was released. Big size & iPhone - it was a combination that I just had to try for myself.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: This is the Best Note Yet

The Note series has been on the frontlines of big Android phones for 4 years now. The Samsung Note could be credited with initializing the category of 'phablets', but it is no longer the only big Android phone out there. Given the competition in the Android device market, it takes a lot more than just being just 'good' to stand out from the crowd.

The Note series of phones have always been quite good, but it seemed like there was always something missing. We've always liked Samsung devices when it came to features and performance characteristics, but weren't the biggest fan of the build quality.

In this review, we've taken an in-depth look at what all the Note 4 has to offer and see if it stands up to the challenge of its peers.

What is the USB Type-C Connector Port and Why Apple Adopted it in the...

The reversible USB 3.1 connector, also known as the USB Type-C connector, marks the convergence of multiple port types into one. As a port that is multi-purpose and developed with the intention of cross-industry adoption, the USB Type-C port is expected to make its way into laptops, PCs, mobiles, tablets and other electronic devices from global manufacturers over the next few years.

Apple has already adopted the USB Type-C connector in the MacBook which becomes the first Mac, and laptop, to offer this port.

How to Use Netflix Android App as a Remote Control While Watching Netflix on...

Netflix is the go-to site for watching movies and TV series in the countries where it is officially available. The good people at Netflix go out of their way to make sure that the service available on all possible platforms, while making it comfortable to use. Given that, the Netflix app on Android can do a great job of acting as the remote control while watching Netflix on your TV.

I used the app with Chromecast, on the Xbox One and a smart TV to see how effective a remote the Android app really is. It can be used as a remote in these 3 different ways as described below.

How to Access ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Over WiFi?

The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is one of the most vital tools for Android developers. Even if you are not a developer, ADB has several uses and every Android user should be aware of this incredibly useful tool.

We will look at this nifty application - ADB Tools, which lets you do many ADB functions, wirelessly. Yes, ADB access had always been limited to a USB connection. Now you have a Wi-Fi option and we'll show you how to utilise it.

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