Are you a music addict? There are many more ways to keep the music pumping aside using Spotify. Spotify is great, but it may not be right for you. At least, one of the available alternatives to Spotify will satisfy most, if not all, of your needs. Listening to music online is really fun, and the greater fun comes when you get real-time updates. You get to know the latest release, download tracks as soon as you can, find out what people are saying about new songs and interact with other music lovers. You can create playlists, build your own library and organize your personal space as you wish. More importantly, you can listen to your songs anywhere anytime and on any computer.

7 Alternatives to Spotify

The following sites offer slightly different kinds of services, but they all give an avenue for you to listen to quality music online. You should find one or more that would meet your requirements.

1. is an excellent alternative to Spotify. The service does a good job of discovering, organizing and purchasing music. It is a browser-based (software available for download) streaming media service for audios and videos as well as a social network where you can create and share playlists, build a media library. You can also purchase music from iTunes Store and 7 digital.

Last fm

The site has a very intuitive interface that makes locating music very easy. The service also studies your preferences and recommends music accordingly. You will also find relevant links to events and charts.


2. We7

We7 is also a browser-based music streaming service or rather a Music DJ service as it is now called. When you register on We7, you will be eligible for unlimited music access and 50 song requests.


The site boasts of over 6.8 million music tracks in their library, and Android app users have access to all of them. They also provide personal radio service – Radio Plus – that stores music offline free-of-charge for Android users. They provide unlimited playbacks but with some advertising to cover running cost. That means every song begins with a short audio advert.

Get We7

3. 8tracks

On 8tracks, you can listen to a preset selection, create your own selection, search for artists or genre and even follow others. That’s why it is referred to as “handcrafted Internet radio”.


DJs can share their tastes and talents and link back to their webpage. You can also integrate 8tracks with a variety of devices including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and so on.

Get 8tracks

4. Grooveshark

The greatest advantage of Grooveshark is that you can upload songs from your hard drive to their library. Their songs have good audio quality. They also integrate with many mobile apps.


They make use of music uploaded by users and stream 50 to 60 million songs each month. They also offer premium accounts to remove adverts.

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5. Deezer

Deezer boasts of 13 million music tracks and has apps for Windows Phone 7, Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. It is primarily a free music streaming community that allows members to create pages, create playlists and interact with one another.


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6. Pandora

Pandora is another great alternative to Spotify. It delivers very good song recommendations and has really attractive and intuitive user interface. Free accounts mean you should expect audio adverts, but the service is really great.


Pandora allows customization, but you can’t build playlists. Also, the sound quality is very good, especially via phone or desktop speaker. Unfortunately, they support only users living within the United States.

  Get Pandora (for United States residents only)

7. Stereomood

Stereomood helps you discover your mood and play the right music to suit how you are feeling. It delivers really great music. Their music streaming site lets you find and play music based on your mood and activities.


Individual tags lead to specific playlists that satisfy your mood or activity. That means you can play a song that suits your mood in just one more click. Tags in upper case are activities playlists, while the tags in lower case are mood playlists. Also, you can choose to shuffle the songs as they play or follow the preset playlist.

Get Stereomood

Still Not Satisfied? Here are 6 more Music Streaming Sites to Try

If you have not yet found an alternative to Spotify that suits you, then try these other ones.

Saavn (Bollywood-friendly music streaming service)


YouTube Disco


Screamer Radio

Rdio (Paid, but 7-day Free trial is available)

Music is the food of the soul. So, we must continue to seek more and better ways to enjoy good music. We’d appreciate contributions from you in the comments section.

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