We have explored and admired the art of a number of artists through our themes before. This time we explore the exemplary photography of an artist as he captures exquisite natural scenery of various seasons through his photographs. Be it the brightness of Summer, the shades of Autumn, the greenery of Spring or the snowy chill of Winter – these photographs capture the beauty of all the four seasons.

The artist we are referring to is Sven Mueller, a young and talented photographer from Germany. Check out his personal site, or his DeviantArt profile for many more such beautiful photographs and wallpapers.

The Four Seasons Theme consists of 25+ Hi-Res wallpapers, a nice set of icons and sound clips to complete the theme package. Every season has its own charm. Bring it to your desktop with The Four Seasons Windows Theme.

The Four Seasons Windows Theme Screenshots:


These are just a few of the 25+ wallpapers included in this theme. Download the theme to get them all!

Custom Icons and Sounds for The Four Seasons Theme:

The theme comes with a nice set of icons to replace the default icons on your desktop.

The Four Seasons Theme Icons

The theme also had custom sound clips that play when you apply the theme and when you log on/log off.

Download The Four Seasons Windows 7 Theme:

Download The Four Seasons Theme

Download the theme directly by clicking the link below or visit the dedicated download page for The Four Seasons Windows 7 theme. You can also check out many other themes in our Windows 7 Themes Gallery.

Download The Four Seasons Windows 7 Theme

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Download The Four Seasons Windows 8 Theme:


Download The Four Seasons Theme for Windows 8