Find DirectX Version - © TechNorms DirectX is a Microsoft Technology (collection of APIs like Direct3D, DirectDraw etc) that helps provide better gaming experience on our computers. Many times when you install games on your PC, the game installer asks you to install DirectX version which came bundled with that game.

Depending upon how old or new the game is – it can install any version ranging from DirectX 7 to DirectX 11.

If you already have a new version of DirectX, it doesn’t make sense to replace it with an older version. In such cases its advisable to quickly check the DirectX version installed on our computers. Lets see how we can do that quickly.

Check DirectX Version Installed in Just 1 Step:

The version of DirectX can be checked via the DirectX Diagnostics tool. We can pull up this information in one simple step.

Press Winkey + R on the keyboard or click on Start Button > Run to open the Run Dialog Box and type in the command “dxdiag” in the box as shown in the image below and click the OK button.

DirectX Version Check - © TechNorms

After clicking OK, you would see a new Window called – DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

This Window displays information about your Computer’s Processor, Installed Memory, BIOS version, Operating System Build Version etc. At the very bottom the DirectX version installed on your PC is shown.

DirectX Version Check - © TechNorms

Since I’m using Windows 7 – The DirectX version 11, is installed which came bundled with this Operating System.

Now that we know the version of DirectX installed on our PC, we can just skip the installation provided by the game if we have a newer version or install it if we have an older one.