7 Quality Online Tools for Creating Mobile Websites

The mobile web is getting increasingly important and is fast becoming a lifestyle for many of us. Unfortunately for publishers and many website owners, it is not always easy to know where to start or how to satisfy the mobile audience.

Nonetheless, getting a mobile website is definitely a great step. Once your content or website becomes available to your target audience, and they love it, you can begin to develop ways to monetize them and garner more fans and retain existing audiences that are going mobile. Here, we shall discuss 7 web applications for creating a mobile website.

Online Tools for Creating Mobile Websites

Each of these tools has its own peculiarity and usefulness. We shall try to thrash out their distinctions to help you decide the best tool you need to create your mobile website. Some of them have free plans, whereas others provide free trial periods.

1. Wirenode

Wirenode detects each mobile phone and tries to render the best output for it. Its Mobile Site Creator comes with free plan for one website, and it features several widgets which include gMap for integrating maps to display your location, Twitter, RSS, message boards, mobile polls, mobile forms and so on. There are also widgets for clock, gallery, wallpapers as well as analytics to know your mobile site visitors.

Wirenode Homepage

When you begin to benefit from your mobile site, you can upgrade to a premium model.

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2.  Mofuse

Mofuse offers two options – you can opt to build your mobile site with their tools or let an expert build for you. To build with Mofuse tools, you can begin with a free trial period for any of their packages, but they do not provide a free plan. Some of the features you should expect here include Google tools, advanced analytics, mobile commerce, map, form manager and more. Actually, the features that get available to you depend on the plan you choose.

Mofuse Homepage

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3. Onbile

Onbile websites are feature-rich. They display optimally on several phones – both vertically and horizontally. Their free plan is ad-supported. It is alright for personal use, especially where the owners are okay with adverts on their sites. Generally, you can add as many sections as possible to your site, get basic statistics (advanced statistics for premium users). The free plan also comes with 500MB storage space.

Onbile Homepage

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4. Wapple

Wapple mobile website builder optimizes your site across several devices. They also offer the option of contacting their experts to specially build your mobile website for you. They offer a free plan for registering just one canvas site and one architect domain with storage space of 50MB plus lots of learning resources.

Wapple Homepage

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5. WP Touch Pro

For WordPress users, here’s a plugin that transforms your blog to a mobile site on mobile devices. You can track your site with analytics and also serve ads. It works on iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile devices, Palm Pre/Pixi and BlackberryOS6 mobile devices. They offer a premium plan with greater features.

WP Touch Pro Page on WordPress

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6. MobiSiteGalore

Here, you get 30 days free trial period for any of their plans. You can use MobiSiteGalore to create feature-rich sites for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones. You can integrate Adsense or admob, e-commerce features, photo galleries, image editor, custom form wizards and many more features.

mobiSiteGalore Homepage

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7. WinkSite

Winksite lets you set up a basic mobile website free of charge. You can include surveys, links, forums, chats, events, feeds and so on in your site. The site is simple and easy-to-use.

Winksite Homepage

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Most of these tools are really easy-to-use. If you don’t have a mobile website yet, why not go ahead and create your first mobile site now. Take the first leap and experience how this will influence your site.

If we have missed any new or very important tool for creating mobile sites, feel free to suggest to us in the comments.

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