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Creating apps for a smartphone might seem like a challenging job for people with limited programming skills, but with AppsGeyser, anyone can create a cool looking and functional Android app from any website, web content or a web widget.

If you have a website, blog or online service – providing users with an option to use your product via a smartphone app makes a lot of sense, since many users now access the web via their smartphones. Lets look at how AppsGeyser works.

Creating Android App With AppsGeyser:

You can start creating your app by clicking here. The first step provides you the option to create the app from a Web Widget code, Web page block or a mobile website.

Create Android App from web content

If your website isn’t designed to be switch to mobile format when a smartphone browser is detected, then the actual website is displayed in the app. This doesn’t quite work out well, so if you want to create a mobile version of your site read our post about creating a mobile version of your website.

Getting Started With Creating Your App:

Since we have a mobile version for TechNorms, we created an app using the 3rd option. Once you input the required details, you can see the preview of the app on the right side of the screen.

Create Android App from Any Website

If you are satisfied with how your app looks, click on “Create” button at the bottom and voila – you now have an android app for your website.

If you haven’t registered with AppsGeyser, they will ask you to register so that you can track the download stats of your app and also modify other related options.

Details regarding your ANdroid APp

On the next page, which is the Dashboard for your app – You can Test, Distribute or Monetize your Android application. If you think your app isn’t the way you want it to be, you can edit it and add or remove any features you want.Apps Creation with AppsGeyser

Testing your Android app:

You can test the app by downloading it on your smartphone. The download page has option to download it to your computer or directly to your smartphone using a QR code.

Your app download page

Creating Apps from any content you want:

Need an app to keep eye on the most popular Digg stories? Creating it is also a 2 step process, and if you have already registered with the service, it’s just one step.

The video below explains the complete app creation process.
[vimeo 18078437] Your app can allow thousands of Android users to access your site or product with ease. With more users moving to the smartphone for everyday surfing, this is a smart play by AppsGeyser and would be a great resource for webmasters, bloggers, developers or for that matter any smartphone users.

AppsGeyser is currently in beta, and you can expect a lot of new features to be added in the future. It’s not only fun and easy to use, but has very practical application for a lot of internet users. Check it out.

Visit AppsGeyser.

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