Twitter Backgrounds Logo - © TechNorms (210x70) Twitter has been a huge Social Media phenomenon and it seems that almost everyone involved with Social Media has a Twitter profile.

This is good news for social networking, but like any other online service – many people aren’t happy with the default design and prefer to have a unique presence on Twitter.

Twitter gives options to change the colors and background of your profile page – but it’s not always easy to find the perfect image that would compliment your choice of colors or even the “personality” of your Twitter profile.

The “Twitter Backgrounds” Website addresses this challenge by providing Twitter users with thousands of FREE, custom-made background images which can match almost every kind of Twitter profile one can think of.

Awesome Free Background Images For Your Twitter Profile:

Twitter Backgrounds has a huge selection of background images for Twitter – which have been created by them and hence are pretty unique. If you want to make your Twitter profile stand out from others – this site gives you a large selection of background images that can help you become unique.

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The selection of images range from cute puppies and cats to World Events like the World Cup Football, from Music to Latest Movies and a number of other topics. So whatever might be your taste – you can find a background which will suit your profile.

Another cool part about this service is that you do not need to apply the background images manually. Just log in using your Twitter username and password – and your selected background would be applied. Don’t like it? Just select another images.

Along with the background image this service also changes the profile colors to match the background images, which is an excellent features and would save us a lot of time.

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Twitter BackGrounds Service Features:

  • Selection of 1000s of FREE Background Images that fit perfectly on your Twitter profile.
  • A Matching color theme is also applied to your Twitter profile.
  • A wide variety of choices that would suit any topic.
  • No Manual work needed – Automatic application of background Images after selection.
  • Paid Custom Background Service for an Absolutely unique design.

Visit Twitter Backgrounds for that perfect Background Image for your Twitter profile.

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