Not all computer users realize they can take screenshots. In the previous version of Windows, when you took a screenshot it simply saved it to the clipboard. Then, you had to open another program, such as Paint, and paste it for it to show up. From there, you could crop, edit or save the screenshot as you saw fit. Now, in Windows 8, when you

How to take screenshots in Windows 8

Taking screenshots in Windows 8 is easy.

All you need to do is click the “Windows Key + Print Screen.”

The screen will turn darker for a few seconds and then the screenshot is taken as is.

From there, you can navigate to your default Pictures folder on Windows 8 and you will find your screenshots. There is no way to change how the pictures are taken.


You can then take them and work with them as you see fit. These screenshots will be in PNG format but can be converted into any image editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

We are pretty sure when you started reading this guide, you thought taking screenshots in Windows was going to be difficult. As you can see, this may be one of the easiest tasks you ever do in Windows 8.


Why take screenshots in Windows 8?

Screenshots are a great way to capture a variety of moments in Windows 8. Everything from a picture on the screen to your desktop and even errors that pop up. Windows 8 makes it a lot easier to take screenshots and access them without going to the lengths you used to with the operating system.