Windows 7 Tips and Tricks As a Windows OS users, you must be familiar with the Windows startup. When we boot the computer certain programs that we need, can start up automatically, when Windows starts up.

We also see many programs offer the option to start up with Windows, during the installation process. This saves us time since the programs we need are already up, when Windows starts.

Some programs do not offer this option while they are installed. If you need to start any program when your Windows boots up, there is simple way to add any installed programs to the start up list so that you do not have to manually start it after Windows boots.

Start Any Program You Need When Windows Boots Up:

In Windows 7, we have a “Startup” folder, where links or shortcuts for programs which start at Windows boot up are placed. Using this folder we can start any program we need.

Before you get started, locate the program that you need to start when you boot up your machine.

For e.g. If we would like Mozilla Thunderbird to start up automatically, we locate it in the Start Menu and right-click and click on copy.

Copy Program - © TechNorms

Now we locate the Startup folder. It is located in the Start Menu. Click on Start button and find it.

Right CLick Startup Folder - © TechNorms

As you can see, we already have a few programs in the Startup folder on our PC.

Now right-click on the Startup folder and click on “Open”. If you use multiple profiles on you Windows PC and want the program to start with every profile, click on “Open all users”.

When the folder opens you would see the shortcuts for other programs which start when Windows boots up.

Paste Shortcut - © TechNorms

Right click anywhere inside the folder and click on “Paste Shortcut”. Now you would see your desired shortcut in the startup folder.

Alternatively, you can also create a shortcut for any program on the desktop and then paste it in the Startup folder. Make Sure you don’t paste the entire program, just paste the shortcut.

The next time when you restart Windows 7, the file or folder or program which you added will start automatically while booting.

Tip: Too many startup programs can slow down computer boot time, so choose the programs to include wisely. A good practice is to select programs which you really need every time the computer starts.