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Surfing the net nowadays can be hazardous to one’s personal data. No matter where you go, you’re being tracked, researched and analyzed by websites, blogs, services and more. Advertisers are finding ways to make you click links and buy products. Tracking you online is one way to figure out what you like, where you like to do it and what you might be most likely to click and give in to.

Privacy manager for Chrome lets you take control of the tracking online. Our guide shows you how to get started with Privacy manager.

How to Use Privacy Manager in Chrome

Head to Privacy manager at the Chrome Web Store.

Read a little more about it and the reviews, and when ready, click “Add to Chrome.”


Then, read the brief text about it in the pop-up and click “Add.”

(3) adding to chrome

Chrome will install Privacy manager.

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When ready, you can start using Privacy manager immediately.

Left-click on the “Privacy manager” icon.


The first screen you’ll be introduced to is the Main one.

This allows you to individually set each aspect of Privacy manager. This is where Privacy manager for Chrome gives you complete control over how the browser interacts with most aspects of your online privacy. Everything from cookies to cache to history to just about anything is customizable for you. You can even click on the icon next to each section to learn more about what it is and how it affects you when you browse.

Next, click “Cookies.”


Once you start browsing with Privacy manager, you’ll see Cookies begin to store up here. Cookies can be good, but they can also be bad for you since they store information about what you’re doing on a site. You can search for specific cookies in the search box and you can also set up additional permissions for how cookies work in Chrome.

Then, click “Network.”


The Network tab in Privacy manager will collect information on the networks you browse the web over. This can be helpful to determine if the network you are using is safe, public or otherwise compromised. It can also be helpful in determining if the website you’re visiting is genuine or is compromised, such as what happens in a phishing attempt.

As you can see, Privacy manager for Chrome is a very inclusive type of extension for helping you maintain your security online.


What good is Privacy manager for Chrome?

Privacy manager for Chrome gives you full access to change how you do whatever it is you do online. You can individually command Privacy manager to block, change and interact with websites that might be tracking you. This gives you the power to surf the web anonymously and not worry about who might be following you are. If you’re looking for a powerful tool to keep your private information safe, Privacy manager for Chrome is that extension.

Download Privacy Manager for Chrome.