- © TechNorms When you are online and need to kill some time or just take your mind off something, Online Flash Games are your best bet. There are innumerable Flash Game websites on the internet. Some are so big that one gets lost among the various game categories and keeps looking for some ideal game we may like.

How about a website that brings the best flash games from around the web to one convenient location?

Friv is such a website. It does not have any categories or a confusing interface. It does only one thing and does it very well – List the best games from around the web at one single location. – A Leaderboard Of Best Online Flash Games:

Although Friv isn’t essentially a leaderboard, but it does work on “best in – worst out principle”. It lists about 250 games on their homepage and they are arranged according to their popularity.

Friv - Games - © TechNorms

Whenever a newly popular game is inserted, the least popular one on the website is removed.

As you hover over the game icons the game’s name is shown on the Friv bubble. When you click on the icon, the game loads.

Game Interface at - © TechNorms

Compared to other sites, most of the games are full web page size. Some are highly detailed strategy games, where are others are simple racing games.

However you can rest assured that you are playing the most entertaining games, as Friv only lists the most popular games from around the internet.

Go ahead, check out Friv and play a few games.