If you’re a Netflix fan, you know there’s multiple ways to take advantage of its streaming service online. You can watch through gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players, on your computer, on a tablet and even on a smartphone. With the release of Windows 8, Netflix has introduced a Windows 8-based app that lets you watch Netflix more seamlessly through your computer than simply going to

We’ll show you how to start using the Netflix Windows 8 app.

How to use the Netflix app in Windows 8

Open the Windows Store and search for “Netflix.”

Open the official Netflix Windows 8 app.


You can read a little bit more about it, and when ready, click “Install.”


Keep in mind that you will need Internet access to use the Netflix app.


Let the Windows Store install the Netflix app.

(5) netflix installed

Once installed, you can head to the Start screen and click on the Netflix live tile to open the app and start streaming.


If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can sign up for one through the web by clicking the Member sign in link.


If you already have a Netflix account, simply login with your e-mail address and password. Then, click “Continue.”

(8) main screen

It’ll take a few moments to login your first time, and when finished, you’ll see the main screen for the Netflix Windows 8 app.

From here, you can access everything you’re used to accessing from Netflix itself.

Click “Top 10 for You.”


This will open the Top 10 picks Netflix has for you to check out.

Click the “Back Arrow” to head back to the main screen.

Now, click “New Releases.”


You can see all the new releases Netflix has to offer. While this isn’t laid out quite like the website, it gives you a good, visual look at what’s new.

Click the “Back Arrow” again.

Then, click “Genres.”


You can then choose to look at a specific genre, such as TV Shows in this example.

If you want to watch something, simply click on it.


It’ll take a few seconds to buffer.


If it’s the first time using the Netflix app, it’ll take a few extra minutes to configure the video playback.


When finished, you’ll be watching what you choose.

If you hover over the bottom of the playback, you’ll see a familiar set of controls. You can pause and play, select the next episode to jump to, see a list of episodes and select language if the playback is offered in a different language.

Let’s say you want to take a look at more information on a TV show, movie or documentary. You can click on it.


It will give you a breakdown of information on it for you to go over.

The Netflix Windows 8 app works wonders for those wanting to watch Netflix from a computer or tablet.

Is it worth watching Netflix through the Windows 8 app?

One of the greatest things about technology nowadays is that you can take it with you anywhere. By offering Netflix in multiple ways and through different mediums, you can watch Netflix just about everywhere you go. By using the Windows 8 app, you can get the best from Netflix no matter where you watch or what your device you use.