Netflix is one the best ways to stream movies, TV and more. With the Netflix Google Chrome app, you can instantly get access to your Netflix access. This makes it easier to login, get viewing and enjoy Netflix through your browser.

We’ll show you how to install and get started with the Netflix app for Google Chrome.


How to add the Netflix app to Chrome

Head to the Google Chrome Store and search in apps for “Netflix.”


You can read over the reviews, details, related extensions and apps and more before deciding to install it into Chrome.

Now, click “Add to Chrome.”


The familiar pop-up will appear asking you to confirm installing the app. Click “Add.”


Give Google Chrome a few seconds, and a new tab will open up with the Netflix app added to your browser.


Then, click on the “Netflix” app in that tab.


This will open Netflix in a new browser tab, ready for you to watch, add to your queue and more. As long as you’re signed into Netflix, it’ll automatically load and get started watching anything you desire.


Is it worth adding the Netflix app to Chrome?

While there’s no additional functionality added by installing the Netflix app to Chrome. It simply makes it easier to get to Netflix when you’re itching to watch something. Netflix is an amazing streaming service that offers a variety of options for users no matter what they may want to watch. By adding it as an app to Chrome, you cut out the step of having to navigate to yourself which can add a few seconds back to browse.

Get the Netflix Chrome app.