Windows Tools - © TechNorms Computer games are popular since computers are pretty good at playing games. In the last few years, with the improvement of the quality of computer processors and memory, we have seen the rise of games that have high system requirements.

Our computers might meet the system requirements, but sometimes, we experience game lags, which might lead to bad gameplay. You might just miss out on achieving a task because the computer froze up for 2 seconds.

Computer savvy users can work on limiting the memory usage by turning off software and windows services that aren’t required which might help for the game to run faster. But, it’s not always wise to turn off services at random, and its a slow and tedious process.

Vista Services Optimizer (VSO) is an open-source Windows optimization utility that enables you to tweak your Windows services in an easy, automatic and safe way based on the way you use your computer and which hardware and software you use. It does not need any technical knowledge, as it provides easy to understand options to tune-up your system for better performance and security.

One-Click Tweak For A Better Gaming Experience:

VSO works great on both Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit). It is a software designed for tweaking your system for better performance, however, one feature in VSO makes it a great utility for tuning your system for playing games. Its called the “Gaming Mode”.

“Gaming Mode will give your system an immediate performance boost. Unneeded Windows features will be temporarily turned off to free up computer resources and concentrate computer power on programs you are currently using.”

Vista Service Optemizer - Gaming Mode - © TechNorms

When you click “Turn On Gaming Mode” – VSO temporarily disables unnecessary windows services, which reduces the usage of computer resources and leaves more room for the computer to work with your game.

Not only that but in the Gaming Mode, VSO tries to improve the computer processor’s performance for the game.

Optimizing the Windows Services for Gaming Mode:

VSO gives you complete control over the services that would be disabled when you switch on the Gaming Mode. The services are neatly classified in categories like – Hardware, Visual Effects, and Windows Functions.

You can choose the services that you don’t need while running the game.

Gaming Mode Options - © TechNorms

Windows runs all the services listed above at all times, irrespective of whether you need them or not. You don’t really need Printer Support, Digital Camera and Scanners Support, Support for Tablet PC, Windows Update, Media Center stuff, Parental Controls or other unnecessary stuff slowing you down.

For better gameplay, you can choose to switch them off. Once you are done playing you can switch off the gaming mode and all these services would be switch back ON.

Additional Tweaking:

Just below the Gaming mode button, you have a few additional tweaking options.

Addtional Tweaking Options - © TechNorms

These 8 links lead you to other windows features and additional tweaks to help with performance, but these are not temporary changes for the most part and may decrease your windows experience, hence they are not done automatically. It’s up to the user to make these changes if they want.

Safe Tweaking with Smart Rescue Center:

Vista Services Optimizer is a safe tweaking utility which can optimize the performance and security of your system without causing any harm.

Smart Rescue Center - © TechNorms

If you face any problem after performing services optimization, you can with a single click, restore your system default settings using Smart Rescue Center.

VSO has a number of other cool features which help in tweaking the system for faster performance. You can read more about them here.

Download PC Services Optimizer.