Microsoft Office 365 introduces a whole new look to its office suite and Excel has received some much-needed overhauls. Visually, Excel is much smoother and stunning than ever before and offers users a better overall look at spreadsheets than its predecessors. Microsoft has added a few features, such as Quick Analysis which lets users covert data in just a few steps, flash fill adds pre-filled data on your behalf and even recommends charts for you based on the type of data you input.

In this installment on Microsoft Office 365, we’ll walk you through the new Excel.

What’s new in Microsoft Office 365: Excel?

Take a look at the new Excel

When you open the new Excel for the first time, you’ll be introduced to your Recent Documents and New Documents.


From here, you can open either in a much nicer visual interface. This helps pick the right type of spreadsheet from the get go than trying to create one from scratch in most cases.

The options for Excel are similar to what you saw in our post on the new Word in Office 365. You want to customize each program individually to get the most out of the Microsoft Office 365.


This is what a new, blank spreadsheet looks like in Excel.


If you click “File,” you can open the new sleek menu for Office 365.


From here, you can create a new spreadsheet, open existing spreadsheets and more.

The new Excel is a great tool that increases your ability to do more with spreadsheets. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the new Excel in Office 365.