Spotflux is one of the best free Virtual Private Network (VPN) services on the Internet. Most VPNs simply mask your identity online but Spotflux takes it a step further by actually cleaning up the web for you. While running, Spotflux helps remove ads, cookies and other trackers as you surf. This makes Spotflux one of the best tools in your arsenal to hide your identity online and keep from being tracked.

How to get started with Spotflux

Visit Spotflux’s web site and click “Download Spotflux.”


Choose the version you need.

Spotflux is available for Windows and Mac machines. We’ll be showing you how to use Spotflux in Windows.

During the initial installation, you’ll need to have a certain version of Java installed. If it’s not, you’ll be prompted to install it before you continue.


Once Java is installed and up-to-date, you’ll continue with the Spotflux installation.

You will be asked during the installation process to install third party software unrelated to Spotflux. This isn’t necessary to use Spotflux, but it supports them since they offer the VPN for free.

Spotflux will also ask you to install drivers to make the VPN work more seamlessly.


When the install is finished, you can launch Spotflux immediately.

How to use Spotflux

launching-spotfluxUpon launch, Spotflux will begin securing your connection.


The first time this takes a few moments to complete.


When your connection is secure, you’ll be able to begin browsing through the VPN.

If you’re concerned about whether or not you’re actually browsing with a different IP. You can use the variety of services online to check what our IP is now different than what you started with.

You can open Spotflux at any time from your taskbar.

Right-click the “Spotflux taskbar icon.”


You can disable Spotflux, access settings and learn more about the VPN from here. Click “Settings.”


This will open the General Settings.

You can change how Spotflux interacts when open.

Click “Updates.”


This allows you to choose whether or not to automatically update Spotflux or not. This can be a good idea to always have the latest version of the VPN at your disposal.

Click “Proxies.”


You can use a proxy in conjunction with your VPN for added support. Depending on the level of security you desire, this may be a good idea. However, utilizing a proxy and a VPN often slows down your overall connection than it helps unless you opt for a paid service.

Click “Support.”


Spotflux prefers to offer hands on support to users, despite it being a free service which is sorely lacking from a lot of services out there.


If you’re having any issues with Spotflux, head to this area and click “Generate Support Bundle.”

This will download an archive to your computer filled with information about your computer and its interaction with Spotflux.

You can send it to Spotflux with details of what you were doing at the time so they can try and troubleshoot the issues.

Finally, click “Filters.”


This is where you can turn on or off the filtering services which Spotflux uses to block cookies, ads and more. This can help enhance your online browsing experience and keep you truly anonymous as you move around online.

Spotflux is easy to use and offers protection for users no matter what they do online.

Is a VPN a way to guarantee anonymity online?

There is no surefire way to guarantee anonymity online. Only by using multiple methods can you truly gain anonymity. Utilizing a proxy like Spotflux or HotSpot Shield, coupled with other methods, can help make your online presence harder to track. Learning how to protect yourself is just as important as the tools you use to do it. Spotflux is just another tool to add to your collection.

Download Spotflux.