Windows 7 Trigun Theme - © TechNorms We enjoy making the Windows 7 Themes and have released the themes for a while. During this process, we have received a lot of great user feedback and new ideas which have helped us improve our skills and quality of work. In this process, we have also made some friends (less than we had hoped for), but well, we are a new blog and it takes time to get to know people.

One of our regular visitors Ryan Kuster, has given some useful feedback and some good suggestions for new themes. He is a creative fellow and a big Anime fan. He recently created a Trigun Windows 7 Anime Theme to share with our blog readers.

This is our very first user submitted theme and we thank Ryan for the excellent work he did.

A little background about Trigun Anime. Trigun is one of three anime titles that came to the US in the early 2000’s that coupled a very western feel with a solid mix of action and comedy that engrossed viewers of such bellwethers as Dragonaball Z and Pokemon to delve further into the fandom.

With a bounty of sixty billion double dollars on his head, one could assume that Vash – the Stampede, lives up to his name as a bringer of destruction wherever he goes. But underneath all the rumors and rubble that follow in his wake is just a man on a mission of love and peace, hoping to build a better future for the inhabitants of this desert world. So here’s a theme for all you Trigun fans.

The Trigun Theme consists of 30+ Wallpapers, Custom Trigun Icons and some excellent music from the Trigun Anime for sounds. Not all wallpapers are Hi-Res, but a majority are, so should work out great for all computer monitor resolutions.

Windows 7 Trigun Theme Screenshots:

Trigun Wallpaper 02 - © TechNorms

Trigun Wallpaper 03 - © TechNorms

Trigun Wallpaper 10 - © TechNorms

Trigun Wallpaper 07 - © TechNorms

Trigun Wallpaper 24 - © TechNorms

Trigun Wallpaper 19 - © TechNorms

Trigun Wallpaper 20 - © TechNorms

Trigun Wallpaper 21 - © TechNorms

Trigun Wallpaper 04 - © TechNorms

These are just a few of the 30+ Wallpapers that you can get with this theme. Download the theme to get all the wallpapers.

Custom Icons and Sounds For The Trigun Theme:

This theme consists of custom-made icons for The Trigun Theme, which will replace the same old boring icons that you see on the desktop everyday.

Trigun Icons - © TechNorms

Ryan has done a great job is selecting the music for this theme. The music can be heard when you apply the theme as well as when you start or shut down the computer. The music included is so cool, makes me want to watch the Anime series all over again.

Download Windows 7 Trigun Theme:

Windows 7 Trigun Theme - © TechNorms

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Download Trigun Windows 7 Theme.