Abstract Art Theme - The Dark Art - © TechNorms

Unlike Windows 7 Themes, where we mostly create themes based on a well know topics we can work with Abstract Art Images in Google Chrome Themes. The reason is simple – we just need to work on a single image, not a collection of images and work on making it fit beautifully within the Google Chrome Frame.

At the beginning of the Launch of our Chrome Themes Gallery,  I would like to introduce a section of Abstract themes, I am hoping many abstract art lovers would appreciate.

We have named this section “The Dark Art”. Nothing sinister, we just focus on images with dark background splashed with a combination of fascinating colors, which gives them an awesome aura. Just using these images as wallpapers is pretty cool, but when used within the Google Chrome theme, these images look even better. Try them out, I am sure, one or the other would get your attention.

The Dark Art – Google Chrome Themes:


The Dark Art Abstract Themes are geared towards people who like bright colors on a dark background. Although it might sound like these themes may be hard on your eyes, on the contrary, the combination of dark and bright colors is done so well, that the images look quite awesome in Chrome.  We have taken care to make sure all the links and text is easily visible against both dark and bright background.

There are 3 Different Dark Art themes in this batch. Ethereal, Ethereal 2 and Colored Spikes. We would recommend you to try at least one of the 2 Ethereal themes.

Technical Details:

We have tried our best to make sure that all these themes fit every screen resolution possible. They should work great on all monitors.

Here are the screenshots for the Dark Art Themes.

Click on the image to view an enlarged version.

1) The Dark Art –  Ethereal:

Possibly the best theme in The Dark Art Theme category. The beautifully highlighted strands of light on a dark background look quite awesome.

Ethereal - © TechNorms

Download The Ethereal Chrome Theme.

2)  The Dark Art – Ethereal 2:

A theme closely associated with Ethereal above, almost the same pattern, but instead of light, this one has multi-colored smoke, which isn’t as bright as in Ethereal. Also Ethereal 2 does not flow across the browser but is focused on the right side. Good for those who would prefer to have an image on one side on the theme.

Ethereal 2

Download The Ethereal V.2 Theme.

3) The Dark Art – Colored Spikes:

One of the very first themes we made. Well, I just like this as a wallpaper, so I thought why not make a theme using this. Colored Spike is what we got. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Coloured Spike- © TechNorms

Download The Colored Spikes Theme.

How to apply these Google Chrome Themes:

The best way to download and apply any of our Chrome themes is to visit our Theme Gallery while browsing in Google Chrome. Just click on the Download button and you would see an information box at the bottom left corner of the browser. Click on “continue” and the theme would be applied.

If you are using some other browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can download and save the theme in any desired folder, and when you are running chrome, just drag the downloaded theme file and drop it in Google Chrome’s interface, and the theme would be applied.

Your feedback will help us make better themes in the future. Do let us know your thoughts about these themes and which one among the 3 themes above you liked the best, in the comments section below. If we get positive feedback, we would make more additions to the Dark Art themes section.