Google Chrome Guitar Themes- © TechNorms

Before venturing into the Music category in our Windows 7 Themes section, where we would cover Artists, Bands etc., I am happy to introduce this category in Google Chrome Themes Section, beginning with my favorite musical instrument – The Guitar. Well, like me, I am sure, there are innumerable people who are fascinated by the guitar.

Guitar has a certain “cool” factor associated with it and when any group performs on the stage everyone eyes the guitarist most of the time. It’s also an instrument which has made some solo artists Musical Legends (Steve Vai, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani).

Today, we present some Guitar based Google Chrome themes – 3 to be exact. I am sure they would induce a “cool” factor in your browser.

Guitar Themes for Google Chrome:


The Google Chrome Guitar themes are geared towards music fans, but anyone can use them, since they look pretty cool. There are 3 themes in this batch, each with a different guitar. The themes are available in three different colors combinations, 2 theme are dark and 1 is a combination of blue and white for guys who prefer lighter backgrounds.

The 3 themes are The Majestic Guitar (dark), Guitar Underwater (light) and Guitar on Fire(dark).

Technical Details:

We have tried our best to make sure that all the 3 themes adjust well on every screen resolution possible. They should work great on all monitors.You can view the theme screenshots below.

Click on the image to view an enlarged version.

1) Google Chrome Guitar Themes – The Majestic Guitar:

We did not arrive on this name for this theme lightly. It took us careful thinking of over 2 seconds to decide this name – Just look at this guitar –  Epic ROYAL!

Theme uses a good combination of contrast colors to make sure all the links and text is easily visible.

Majestic Guitar - © TechNorms

Download The Majestic Guitar Theme.

2) Google Chrome Guitar Themes – The Underwater Guitar:

A beautiful conception of an artist’s imagination – guitar under water. The theme is mostly light in shade and as usual we have made sure that the text and links are clearly visible at all palaces within the browser.

The Underwater Guitar - © TechNorms

Download The Underwater Guitar Theme.

3) Google Chrome Guitar Themes – Guitar On Fire:

Talk about guitar being on fire. This beautiful dark theme highlights the flames around the guitar and overall the theme looks pretty darn good. The image used is on extreme right side, which makes sure that none of the browsers content is overshadowed in any way. Check it out.

Guitar On Fire - © TechNorms

Download Guitar On Fire Theme.

How to apply these Google Chrome Themes:

The best way to download and apply any of our Chrome themes is to visit our Theme Gallery while browsing in Google Chrome. Just click on the Download button and you would see an information box at bottom left corner of the browser. Click on “continue” and the theme would be applied.

If you are using some other browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can download and save the theme in any desired folder, and when you are running chrome, just drag the downloaded theme file and drop it in Google Chrome’s interface, and the theme would be applied.

Your feedback will help us make better themes in the future. Do let us know your thoughts about these themes and which one among the 3 themes above you liked the best, in the comments section below. If we get a positive feedback, we would make more additions to the Dark Art themes section.