Cleaning up your temporary files and browser history can be a pain, especially when you’ve neglected to do it for so long. While you can do this manually in many cases, using a tool to do it all at once is more efficient. That’s where Clean Temporary Places comes to the rescue. You can delete temporary folders, files and more with its simple interface. We’ll show you how to get started.

Getting started with removing temporary files

Head to Clean Temporary Places web page at SourceForge.

Click “Download.”

After Clean Temporary Places downloads, start the installation process.

The only thing to be on the lookout for during installation is the selected components.


You can install an updates manager to always ensure you have the latest version of Clean Temporary Places.

Once the install is finished, you can start using Clean Temporary Places immediately.

It’s possible the version you downloaded is not actually the most up to date, so you’ll be alerted to that when you start like in this case.

You can click “Install Update” to do so automatically.


Clean Temporary Places offers a variety of options and simple features.

The first tab – General – allows you to choose what areas of your computer you can remove temporary files from.


Simply check each area to add it to the list.

Now, click “Custom Folders.”


You can select custom folders you used to be cleaned out by selecting “Add” then choosing the folder. Whenever you run the program, it’ll clean out those areas.

Then, click “Exclusions.”


You can choose what folders you want Clean Temporary Places to ignore here. You’ll first have to turn this feature on in the Advanced tab to use it.

Click “Options.”


You can remove items from startup here as utilize a MB basis as a filter.

Click “Advanced.”


You can create a shortcut here for removing cache and you can also check for application updates.

Finally, click “About.”


This is where you can learn some more about Clean Temporary Places.

Now, head back to the “General” tab.

Click “Perform Cleanup Now.”

A pop-up will appear as the program is removing whatever you selected. When finished, you’ll be redirected to the General tab to see how much was removed.

How does such a simple tool help users?

Clean Temporary Places is an amazingly small and efficient utility for removing your cache, history and more from your system. As you can see from our first scan, we removed 202 MB worth of temporary data from our system. You never know how much this adds up until it’s gone.

Download Clean Temporary Places.