Google Chrome ExtensionsOne of the new features introduced when Windows Vista launched was the ability for users to navigate between different folders in Windows Explorer using breadcrumbs. After an initial backlash on this feature, people warmed up to it and since then Microsoft also added this feature in Windows 7.

The breadcrumbs in Windows Explorer are quite useful to switch between folder hierarchy. A similar feature in the Web Browser would also be a welcome feature since it can help us navigate pages faster, without using the back and forward buttons.

In Google Chrome you can enable this feature by using the extension called Breadcrumb Navigator.

Breadcrumb Navigator Installation and Usage:

Once you install the Breadcrumb Navigator, it lets you know how it works. You would see the extension icon in the address bar when it can be used on a specific page.

Breadcrumb Navigator Chrome Installation

The icons is seen just next to the favorites icon in the address bar as shown in the above image.

Breadcrumb Navigation In Action:

This extension allows users to navigate any URL like a breadcrumb – which means, it divides the URL in specific sections and lets you jump from one section of the website to other without using the forward and back buttons.

There are two navigational options users can choose from: breadcrumb style or folder style.

Breadcrumb Navigation View:

Breadcrumb Navigation Style

Using the breadcrumb style, you can jump from one section to another with ease.Just click on the extension icon and it will display the various sections of URL in clickable format, as shown in the image above.

Folder Navigation View:

Folder Navigation View

The folder navigation is also a convenient way of quickly navigating any website, as you can switch to any section of the URL shown in the address bar.

This is especially useful, if you have arrived on this page directly from another webpage, and do not have the back and forward buttons operational.

Breadcrumb Navigation Settings:

Breadcrumb Navigation settings

The extension provides the option to select the default mode of viewing the URL. You can either select folder view or breadcrumb view, whichever option is more convenient for you.


In my opinion, Breadcrumb Navigation is a must have an extension for guys who primarily use the mouse to navigate in the browser. Switching from one section of the website to another is a breeze with this extension and possibly save a lot of time spent in typing URLs in address bar.

Give it a try, I am sure it would help you speed up your website browsing.

Download Breadcrumb Navigation Chrome Extension.

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