Rumors surrounding Windows 8 SP 1 and Windows 8 have been buzzing around the Internet since shortly after Windows 8 hit the market. Many consumers have been disappointed in the lack of understanding and hindsight Microsoft applied in Windows 8 and have been asking for changes. That’s where the fabled “Windows Blue” comes into play and according to Microsoft, it should be available for consumer preview in June 2013.

What is Windows Blue?

Windows Blue, at first, was considered the beta version of Windows 9. With Microsoft desperately trying to complete with the Apple OS, many consumers believed that Microsoft would begin releasing speedier overall updates than sticking to the Service Pack releases they have in the past. However, it appears “Windows Blue” is in fact the first Service Pack we’ll see for Windows 8, being released much quicker than previous versions of the OS.

What does Windows Blue attempt to fix?

One of the biggest complaints upon the release of Windows 8 is the complete removal of the Start Menu button. The Start Menu button had been a staple of the Windows OS for over a decade and for some users, that change was just too much. Microsoft has teased that the Start Menu button may be back but in a limited capacity for users, not like it used to be.

Microsoft has also teased that users will be able to disable the Metro style Start screen that replaced the Start Menu in its entirely. Coupled with the use of the Start Menu being brought back, this could convince many consumers who opted not to upgrade to give Windows 8 a shot.

Some other features revealed in the leaked copies of Windows Blue to hit the Internet include:

  • More sizes for live and static tiles on the Start screen
  • Adding more personalization through the Charms Bar
  • Equal billing for utilizing two Metro apps on a single screen
  • Possible release of Internet Explorer 11
  • Additional integration of SkyDrive into every day Windows functionality
  • Advanced settings for network, HomeGroups, VPNs and other networking abilities
  • New settings for Metro apps, including listing them by size

Keep in mind that Windows Blue is in its development stages so features and rumors are running rampant over the Internet. When Microsoft finally makes its official announcement, we’ll bring you all the details you need to know to decide whether to take advantage of the upgrade or stay away from Windows 8.

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