Chelsea FC Windows 7 ThemeAs a sport, Football is as much about passion, excitement and thrill as it’s about winning. One of the most popular sports all over the world, the frenzy inspired by football is second to no other sport. We appreciate the passion for this sport among the fans and thus we are launching the Windows 7 Themes – Sports Section today with the theme of Chelsea Football Club. We begin with Chelsea FC since it’s the most requested Sports theme.

Chelsea FC was founded way back in 1905 at The Rising Sun pub opposite the main entrance to the ground on Fulham Road. Despite their name, the club is not based in Chelsea, but in neighboring Fulham. Chelsea’s early years saw little success and Chelsea had their first major trophy success — the League championship — in 1954–55.

The past decade has been the most successful period in Chelsea’s history, capped by winning Premier League titles in 2005, 2006 and 2010, and reaching their first UEFA Champions League final in 2008. The sensational rise of the club in the recent years has created a huge fan following of the club and this theme is dedicated to all you Chelsea FC fans.

The Chelsea FC Windows 7 Theme consists of 20+ Hi-Res Wallpapers, custom icons and sounds to bring the football frenzy to the desktop of the Chelsea fan. As the Chelsea fans sing – ‘Blue is the color….’.

Screenshots For Chelsea FC Windows 7 Theme:

Chelsea Wallpaper 01 - TechNorms

Chelsea Wallpaper 03 - TechNorms

Chelsea Wallpaper 04 - TechNorms

Chelsea Wallpaper 05 - TechNorms

Chelsea Wallpaper 06 - TechNorms

Chelsea Wallpaper 07 - TechNorms

Chelsea Wallpaper 08 - TechNorms

Chelsea Wallpaper 10 - TechNorms

Chelsea Wallpaper 11 - TechNorms

Chelsea Wallpaper 14 - TechNorms

These are just a few of the 20+ Hi-Res wallpapers included in this theme. Download the theme to get them all.

Custom Sounds and Icons For The Chelsea FC Theme:

We have included custom icons in this theme like we do for all other themes. They have the football stadium, boots and a trophy as the icons. These Icons go very well with the theme.

Chelsea Icons 03 - TechNorms

As for the Theme sounds – that ones really special. We have included the Chelsea FC Anthem as a part of this theme. The Chelsea fans would love it. Sing with us –

Blue is the colour, football is the game,
We’re all together and winning is our aim,
So cheer us on through the sun and rain,
Cos Chelsea, Chelsea is our name……

Download Chelsea FC Windows 7 Theme:

Chelsea FC Windows 7 Theme

We have a dedicated download page for the Chelsea FC Windows 7 Theme. You can also view and download other themes in our Windows 7 Themes Gallery.

Download Chelsea FC Windows 7 Theme.

Fun Facts and Trivia About Chelsea Football Club:

  • The pub where Chelsea FC was founded in 1905 – The Rising Sun pub still exists and is now known The Butcher’s Hook.
  • Russian oil magnate Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003.
  • The current Chelsea crest, featuring a ceremonial lion holding a staff, is a modified version of one first adopted in the 1950s.
  • Chelsea have always worn blue shirts, although the current version is a darker shade than the initial one.
  • Chelsea have the fifth highest average all-time attendance in English football and regularly attract over 40,000 fans to Stamford Bridge