Microsoft has done a great job in giving a lot of customization options to its users on Windows 7, in form of Windows 7 Themes. Now users can easily download themes based on their interest and personalize their PC according to their taste.

The customization options are however missing from Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic edition. You can’t change your wallpapers, use the Aero effect and it doesn’t even have the “Personalize” option in the Desktop context menu. A lot of readers have asked if there was a way our themes could be used on Windows 7 Home Basic or Starter editions, and now we have an answer.

The Windows Home Basic and Starter edition users can rejoice because a simple and effective software called “Personalization Panel” brings the Personalization panel of Windows 7 Ultimate edition to these low-end restricted editions.

The best part is, it supports application of Windows 7 Themes on these computers as well.

Personalization Panel – Features And Usage:

Personalization Panel lets the users of Windows Home Basic and Starter Editions bypass restrictions set on the OS and provides useful UI.


Once you download (link below) and install this software, it opens an access  to advanced customization options on your computer. Let’s understand how it works and what are its features.

Here are the main features of Personalization Panel:

1) Desktop Context Menu integration: Once installed this software gives you the option to enable the personalize option in the desktop right-click menu. Just click on it and a Windows opens that lets you make changes to your desktop.

2) Language-independent/Auto-translation: All text labels are from Windows libraries and always be in your native language (the language your OS is installed in).

3) * .theme files support in both Starter and Home Basic: Supports installation of Windows theme files.

4) Can change Windows 7 Starter Wallpaper (See notes): Provides the option to change the wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter edition.

5) Can change windows and taskbar colors: In Windows 7 Home Basic it can change the taskbar and Windows colors by two methods with live preview (See notes)

6) Useful access to related Control Panel applets: Provides access to change the Icons, Cursors and sounds for your presently applied theme.

7) Types of Files handled: Provides .theme files, .msstyles files and .themepack files associations handling (limited to installation at this moment. You can’t create own themepacks).

Important to note: All our themes are made in the standard .themepack format specified by Microsoft for Windows 7. The .theme and .msstyle are files are a part of the .themepack file and also used by 3rd party themes (themes that need external software installation), which we currently do not create.

The themes we publish are in the standard windows 7 theme format. For applying our themes, the association with .themepack is all that you need, and this software provides that.


This program does not recognize file association if you use the portable version, so when you download the software – install it on your PC, instead of using the portable version.

Make sure You choose a convenient directory to install the software. Its default installation location is not Program files, but root drive. So if your Windows is installed on the C drive, the personalization panel software would be installed at C:\Personalization Panel.

To understand how this works on each Windows version, check out these videos:

Personalization Panel On Windows 7 Home Basic Edition –

Personalization Panel On Windows Starter Edition –

These videos pretty much explain what this software is capable of and what changes can be made in each of the Windows versions. To read further about how this software works or any questions, visit the program developer’s page here.

For using the themes in our Windows 7 Themes Gallery, just download the theme and extract the theme from the Zip file and apply the theme.

Download Personalization Panel For Windows Home Basic and Starter Editions.

  • worked perfectly for my girlfriend’s little netbook (HP Mini 110-3030NR, Windows 7 Starter). she’d been buggin me for weeks, too, so thanks! 🙂

    • You’re welcome. Happy to help! 🙂

      • Boris Garic says:

        i don have the “desktop context menu” pls help :(((

        • Hello Boris – I currently do have access to the computer that has the Windows 7 starter edition installed, so I really can’t look into the problem for you.

          But I would suggest you get in touch with the developer for this program – he is very responsive and helpful. I am sure he would be able to answer your query. You can go to his website using the download link we have provided.

          Sorry, I couldn’t be of more help. Good Luck.

  • Mind blowing………..

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  • This completely made my day. Maybe even my year! 😀

    • I am happy to hear that! Enjoy! 🙂

  • when is my country the bahamas is goin to have empty downloading slots

    • What do you mean by empty downloading slots? Please elaborate the issue in detail and I will try and resolve it for you!

  • Hello, when I try to open the link, I always get the error message 504 Gateway Timeout. Can anything be done about this?

    • 504 is a temporary error caused due to hosting/server issues. Just visit the website after a few hours. It should work just fine.

  •  it goes to and it there in available download

  • Avi Saha 311 says:

    i have windows 7 64 bit. if i wanna install areo theams in this adition of  window then wt shld i do? plz any1 help me. 

    • All our themes, which are already Aero themes work well on Windows 7 64 bit. However it depends which version of Windows 7 you have installed. Microsoft has enabled the Aero themes only for Windows 7 Ultimate and Home Premium versions. Please check the version you have.

  • Rafeyzaman says:

    it worked fine but could you please tell me how to use the ms aero in windows 7 starter

  • This is what I wanted!! Thanks a lot!!

  • The program developer is Russian, so the site is in Russian language. Here is the translated version –

  • It seems that the developer has hosted the download on a File Hosting service. Such sites have restrictions for outside US traffic.

    In such a case, you will need to wait a while before you can download the software. Don’t worry the slots free up every hour or so, so try after a while till you get in.