Recently we published the Christmas Windows 7 Theme and have received positive feedback for the theme from our readers. So we thought why not take it to the next level and create some Chrome Themes based on Christmas, so here we go.

Google Chrome Christmas Themes

Like always we have created a number of themes based on a single topic since we know, everyone has a different taste and we like to have some choice while selecting themes.

So here we present 4 different Google Chrome Christmas Themes, the dominant color, of course, is red, but we have one that has a darker shade. Check them out below.

Christmas Chrome Themes – 4 Themes:

Theme Description:

Each Christmas Chrome Theme is unique. We tried to accommodate a number of color combinations while making sure that all links and bookmarks are clearly visible at any stage. The themes are dominated the color of Christmas – Red. However, we have a dark blue colored one for people who like darker themes.

Technical Details:

We try to make sure that all our Chrome Themes work on all monitor resolutions. However, in this case, the best resolution is 1024×768 px and above. Anything smaller than that would mean some part of the main theme image would be hidden.

Almost themes are around 500kb in size, so those who have slower computers – these themes would not affect the browser performance adversely. The Christmas snowmen theme, however, is a bit larger  – around 1400Kb.

[Click on the images to see an enlarged version of the theme]

1) All Things Christmas Chrome Theme:

We have tried to include all the small things that make Christmas so much more special and more fun in this first theme titled “All Things Christmas”. Minimalist in design, It has been designed to have clear and visible links and text all around.

All Things Christmas Theme by TechNorms.

Download All Things Christmas Theme.

2) Joy Of Christmas Chrome Theme:

The joy of Christmas theme is another simple theme, with Red being the dominant color, with a nice balance with white.

Joy Of Christmas Theme by TechNorms.

Download Joy Of Christmas Chrome Theme.

3) Christmas Snowmen Chrome Theme:

Like always we have included a darker shade theme in the Christmas Chrome themes collection. This dark blue Chrome Theme is perfect for people who prefer dark themes, instead of white or colored themes.

Christmas Snowmen Theme by TechNorms.

Download Christmas Snowmen Theme.

4) Christmas Kitty Chrome Theme :

We couldn’t resist when we saw this cute kitty wearing the red hat. It had to be a part of one of our themes. Maybe our cutest theme so far, try it on, if you like minimalist design with clean colors for links and text in the theme.

Christmas Kitty Theme by TechNorms.

Download Christmas Kitty Theme for Chrome.

How To Apply These Chrome Themes:

The best way to download and apply any of our Chrome themes is to visit our Google Chrome Themes Gallery while you’re browsing in Google Chrome. Just click on the “Download/Apply” button and you would see an information box at the bottom left corner of the browser. Click on “continue” and the theme would be applied to your browser.

If you are using some other browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can download and save the theme in any desired folder, and when you are running Google Chrome, just drag the downloaded theme file and drop it in Google Chrome’s interface, and the theme would be applied.

Your feedback will help us make better themes in the future. Do let us know your thoughts about these themes and which one among the 4 themes above you liked the best, in the comments section below.

And yes, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Smile