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Search YouTube Like a Pro with These 6 Tricks


We’ve all spent hours of our days at some point watching random YouTube videos. While we don’t always spend our times looking for something to watch, sometimes we just can’t find what we’re looking for on YouTube. You can use services like Video Deck to help manage YouTube, but when it comes to finding videos, it can be harder thank you think. You can use YouTube’s search to find what you’re looking for but with these tips and tricks, you can search YouTube better and find what you want more efficiently.

How to search YouTube better

Searching YouTube doesn’t have to be complicated. We have 10 tricks that will make you a YouTube searching pro so you can find what you need right away.

1. Use quotes for exact matches


This may seem like a simple trick, but it works just about everywhere you can search for something. By using quotes around a search query, you can force YouTube to give you exact matches for what you’re looking for. You can then narrow down the results as you see fit, such as filtering through upload date, rating or more.

2. Limit your searches to a time frame


You can limit searches on YouTube to a time frame. Perhaps, you’re looking for the latest episodes of a web series from this week. By searching this way, you can narrow down results to a specific time frame.

3. Using intitle to force words to appear in the title


By using the intitle string, you can force certain words or phrases to appear in the title itself of search queries. This can be helpful when you’re fighting a flood of irrelevant videos related to your search.

4. Take advantage of filters to narrow down results


YouTube offers a variety of Filters for users to narrow down search results. If you search for something that could have a broad response, use the Filters to narrow down the results to what you’re exactly looking for.

5. Use “+” or “-” to include or omit keywords


You can use the + or – to include or omit keywords in your search results. This can be useful to find something very specific within your results that you may have to sift through if you didn’t include or omit keywords.

6. Let YouTube fill in the blanks


Maybe you’re bored or not quite sure what you’re looking for other than a general subject. By using the wildcard, you can let YouTube fill in the blanks and perhaps you’ll discover what you’re looking for without realizing it.

Can you really search YouTube more effectively?

Let’s face it: For the most part, YouTube’s search engine sucks. Unless you’re looking for something very specific, it can be hard to pinpoint anything else. YouTube introduces new features left and right, but they’ve yet to truly improve search.  By using these 6 tricks above, you can narrow down your YouTube search results to search YouTube better and more efficiently.

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