Google Voice and Video Chat Enabled

Recently I have gotten used to using Google Chat right within the Gmail and iGoogle Interface. Its extremely convenient, and you don’t need to install Google Talk to chat with your Gmail friends.

The chat within GMail inbox has a lot of inherent features. One of the coolest ones is use of Video and Voice chat within the GMail interface. But to enable and use it you need to install the Voice and Video Chat addon.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Download the voice and video chat plug-in, quit all open browser windows, and install the plug-in.
  • Sign in to Gmail, iGoogle or orkut.
  • In your chat list, select the contact you want to call. If they have a camera icon next to their name, you can make a voice or video call to them; just click Video & more.

Note: After installing the Addon you need to restart all your browsers, so make sure you save your tabs before installing.

Installing and Enabling Google Video and Voice Chat:

Before using the Voice and Video Chat feature, the chat window asks you to install the Google Video and Voice Chat addon.

Select Add Voice and Video Chat from Chat Window

Just click on the Add Voice/Video chat option and click on get started.

Popup for Gmail Voice and Video Chat

Once you click on Get Started you would be taken to the installation screen of the addon. Click on Install the Voice and Video Chat button. the addon would download and install automatically.

Download The Gmail Voice and Video Chat Software

Once the download and Install is done, the addon would prompt you to restart all your browsers.

Restart Browsers to Enable Voice and Video Chat in Gmail

You can choose to “Restart Browsers Later” and fire up any other browser, like Internet Explorer, if you don’t want to restart the current browser. The addon would still work on a browser which was opened after install of the addon was completed.

In case of Internet Explorer you need to Right Click on the Yellow Information bar to enable this addon for Internet Explorer. In Firefox or Google Chrome you would just need a restart. The plugin would be enabled by default.

Run GMail Voice and Video Chat in Internet Explorer

Just Click on Run and Video Chat would be enabled in Gmail.

Using Google Voice and Video Chat:

After installing the Google Video chat addon you can start using this service. If the other person with whom you want to chat hasn’t installed this addon, Gmail chat won’t be able to use this service with that person.

Video Chat for Your Friends not available

Just as a test I tried it with a Chat Bot and it shows the video chat isn’t available with its system.

If the other user has also installed this addon, you can start using Voice/Video Chat immediately. If your friend doesn’t have a Web Cam, you can still have a one way Video or Voice Chat.

Start Voice or Video Chat

Clicking on “Start Video Chat” would send a message to the user you are chatting with and he would get a ring. If he clicks on “Answer”, the Video Chat sessions can begin.

Video and Voice Call

Now you have the convenience of Voice and Video chat right within your Gmail inbox. If you have any questions regarding this whole process, please feel free to ask in the comments section.