As an owner of a smartphone it is almost a certainty that you will have an internet data connection to go with it. This data connection can be easily used to take your computer online.

Even if you are connected to the internet on your smartphone, there can be a situation where you need to use internet on your computer and you have no internet connection. Here is where tethering helps!

What is Tethering?

Tethering (the way it is used in Android community) means using your cell phone as a modem for your computer. The connection is established with a USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth. One your phone is tethered, your computer can access the mobile internet – though the speed you get may vary. Usually, the speed on a USB connection is better than over a Bluetooth.

Tethering has its advantages – Internet connectivity on the go, saves money as you do not need a separate connection for your computer and it is safer than connecting to any open network.

The main concern is whether your service provider allows tethering. Recently, carriers have started blocking tethering apps from Android market. If tethering is allowed, you need to be aware of the rules and the data plans. While tethering, your data usage bill can easily inflate a lot and you surely do not want that!

PdaNet is a no-frills app to easily tether your Android to your computer.

How to Set Up Tethering with PdaNet App for Android:

PdaNet app requires a desktop client to set up tethering. The desktop client is available for Windows as well as Mac (Download link below).

Steps to Install PdaNet Desktop Client:

  1. Run the Setup.
    Run the executable file to start the PdaNet desktop client installation.
    PdaNet Installation - Security Warning
  2. Proceed with the installation as per the instructions. The setup displays the minimum requirements for setting up PdaNet.
    PdaNet Installation - Minimum Requirements
  3. Enable USB Debugging.PdaNet requires the USB debugging mode to be enabled for tethering to work. Enable it, and connect your phone to the computer for installing drivers.
    PdaNet Setup - USB Driver Installation
  4. Select your phone manufacturer.
    PdaNet Installation - Select Phone Manufacturer
  5. Driver Installation.
    Windows security gives a warning  before installation. Since we know that this is a tried and tested software, choose “Install this driver software anyway.”
    PdaNet Setup - Driver Installation
  6. Finish the setup and choose your settings.As a last step of installation, choose your settings.PdaNet Setup - Installation Complete

As highlighted in the image, PdaNet now offers the option to Hide Tether Usage from your carrier. If you are having issues with your carrier over tethering, give this option a try.

Running PdaNet from System Tray:

The PdaNet system tray gives option to change the settings, connect to the internet as well as work with the SMS Agent.

PdaNet - System Tray Options

The SMS Agent is useful to manage your SMS while the phone is tethered to your computer.

PdaNet - SMS Agent

PdaNet App for Android:

The app has minimal interface and is extremely easy to use once the desktop client is set up.

PdaNet - App InterfaceFor USB tether, the app asks for the desktop client to be installed. Since we have already done that earlier, we can select ‘No. Already Installed’.

For wireless tether, Bluetooth needs to be enabled and you may need to pair your phone with your computer again.

PdaNet - Tether over Bluetooth and PdaNet in Action
There you go! The process is complete and your computer is now connected to internet via your mobile data connection.


PdaNet is an amazingly efficient way to get your computer online via your mobile. The tethering is easy to configure, app has one-touch interface and does not require ‘Root’. An option to hide tethering makes this app an absolutely must have!

The downside is that the free trial limits access to secure websites (sites that require login) after a period of 14 days. Once trial expires, you can continue using PdaNet for free. The only difference is that free edition blocks secure web sites after the trial period is over. PdaNet is completely free for users outside of US and Canada.

If this restriction turns you off, you can check a couple of other options to tether your Android Phone.

Download Links For PdaNet:

Start a barcode (QR code) scanner on your phone and scan the QR code below. This will take you directly to the Android market to download the app. If you do not have a QR Code scanner app, get one from this list of Best QR code scanner apps for Android.

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