We all have multiple social media profiles, all of which come with the baggage of constant updates and alerts. The best way to stay on top of all of your social media updates is to aggregate them into one, manageable place – and we’re going to show you how.

Although it’s extremely quick and easy to check updates and stay alert to changes within individual social networks, it’s always a struggle to do the very same thing whilst juggling numerous social handles on different platforms. Aggregating all the information into one place is definitely the way forward.

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Why Do I Need to Aggregate Social Media?

Being productive is somewhat tough, especially when you browse the Internet. Simply put, the online world is jam-packed full of distractions, and the bulk of these distractions are stored within social networks.

Many general Internet productivity tools exist, but none can quite take the time out of checking each and every one of your social networks every so often. That, for most of us, has always been a time warp. Until of course, you begin to aggregate social media updates.

1. is one of the most popular social media aggregating platforms around, and for good reason. After signing up, you can create your own unique display of your favorite social media feeds and alerts.

You can aggregate over 31 different social networks under one roof, whilst choosing different layouts and fonts to personalize your Flavors page.



With, you can follow almost any social media, blog or news feed, in over 42 different languages.You can also build “teams”, which allow you to selectively share updates and content with other people with your team. can be used across a number of desktop and mobile devices, including Apple, Microsoft, and even Linux. You can also get an insight into your statistics, which can focus on independent social media profiles.


3. Rebel Mouse

Rebel Mouse is another widely respected social aggregating system which organizes your updates from around the world of social networking, into a beautiful, manageable page viewable via desktop or mobile device.

Special features are offered and promoted depending on your requirements and usage level. Brands, Bloggers, Publishers and mere individuals are all offered some unique functions which will make their lives and marketing campaigns easier to manage.

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4. Cyfe

One for the pros. Cyfe gives you everything you need to view your social media updates in one place, and much, much more.

It offers an all-in-one business dashboard capable of monitoring your social media updates, statistics, shares, historical data, and so forth. Essentially, Cyfe provides everything you’ll ever need to serious evaluate your current impact on social media, and will also help you figure out where you need to improve.

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As implied in the name, is all about staying up to date with all the latest events related to your friends and family. It focuses on notifying you about important dates and events surrounding the lives of your close ones, whilst also bringing your social media alerts together.

Another handy feature offers by, is the notifications sent our reminding you to interact with certain people. This is especially helpful for those times when you mean to get in touch with family members living at long distances, but never actually do.


6. Postano

When it comes to presenting your social media feeds on your website or blog in a professional way, Postano can most certainly help.

Postano helps you to stream your feeds live to all types of devices. Additionally, you can control your feeds by deleting unwanted updates and highlighting others. Using a range of visual options, your feeds can appear on websites, mobile applications or even on public digital screens.

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7. Stackla

Stackla is also a great way to get your social media feeds together in a professional way. Using Stackla, you can bring all of your popular social content and RSS feeds into one place, where you and your team can edit and control it as it goes live. It can act like an RSS Reader for teams.

You can customize a design, selectively display content, and present your feeds in a way which is pleasing to the eye. What’s more is, a powerful admin panel gives you control over your feed using word filters, flagging options and so on.

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8. Alternion

If you’re looking to go a step further and incorporate your various email updates into your social media aggregating system, then you might want to give Alternion a try.

Alternion allows you to unite 220+ social networks, along with Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! and more. Additionally, you can use Alternion to compile an online address book, along with your very own social resume.

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Jyst is a social aggregating system with an eye for simplicity. You can log in immediately via Facebook or Twitter, and begin adding your favourite feeds.

Your feeds will soon begin to fill up your very ow Jyst webpage, allowing you to review all of your content and updates in one place. Definitely a good choice for those of us looking to review our networks without the extra or unnecessary professionalism.

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10. HootSuite


Last but not least, is HootSuite. The widely popular social network management tool lets you aggregate all your favorite social media feeds, along with team messaging, analytics and more.

Using HootSuite, you can moderate and monitor incoming mentions and shares, talk internally with other team members and organize mass social marketing campaigns, all from one dashboard. To top it all off, you can use HootSuite from a desktop, or mobile device.

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Trying to stay on top of a variety of social networks is tough. Time and even money are lost whilst constantly switching between profiles to check the latest news.

The answer is simply to aggregate social media updates into one place, making your social network rounds a lot faster, and a whole lot easier. If that sounds good to you, then I readily recommend any of the 10 social media aggregating platforms listed above.