Webmail has been extremely popular with Internet users right from the beginning. As the time went these services added more functionality to their products and attracted a lot of new users. As the users increased, so did the display of intrusive advertising. Not only these ads are distracting, but they take a lot of space in the precious inbox screen real estate. If you have a fairly large monitor, this might not be an issue, but this works very well for people who have smaller monitors and would like to get a better view at their inbox.

If we remove these ads, we can have a lot more space to work with in the inbox. If you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox we can easily remove the adverts from 3 of the most popular webmail services – Yahoo mail, Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail.

How to Block Ads in Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail:

Webmail Ad Blocker is an extension developed for both Chrome and Firefox and it easily removes the right hand side ads from the above mentioned Email services.

1) Webmail Ad Blocker on Yahoo Mail:

Yahoo gives you an option to minimize the ads, but they open up on every new page, so its best if we remove them permanently. Webmail Ad Blocker, once installed and enabled either on Firefox or Google Chrome, the changes are visible instantly.

Yahoo Mail Advertisement Removed - Before and After

Once the right hand side Ad is removed the Inbox extends right till the end of the page on the right thus giving a much better view of the inbox. Finally you can read that complete subject line right from the inbox.

2)Webmail Ad Blocker on Windows Live Hotmail:

Unlike Yahoo, Windows Live Hotmail, doesn’t even have the option to minimize the right hand side ads.

Windows Live Hotmail Advertisement Removed - Before and After

As seen above once the Webmail Ad Blocker is enabled, the right hand side ads from Hotmail disappear. Now you can have that right hand viewing pane just like the one in Outlook, without constraining the view.

3) Webmail Ad Blocker in Gmail:

Gmail Ads are not very Intrusive, they are Text ads and blend in quite well. However, if you want more white space in your Inbox, Webmail Ad Blocker can work wonders there.

Gmail Ads Removed

As you can see, its much cleaner now. These screenshots would give you a decent idea about how well this addon works and helps save precious screen space.

Download Webmail Ad Blocker:

If you liked it and would like to try it out, please get the respective extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome below.

Webmail Ad Blocker for Mozilla Firefox.

Webmail Ad Blocker for Google Chrome.

  • The ad for making phone calls from gmail is irritating and I would like it removed from my gmail account. Thank you very much.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Linh. I will check out the extension you mentioned and I am sure others would also find it useful. Thanks.

  • Spookyjinx says:

    This Webmail Ad Blocker is great. It did wonders for me. Now I can read just my mail without any ads on the right hand to pester me. Thanks guys!

    • Glad you found it useful. We use it in the browser all the time.

      I am not much bothered by the Gmail ads, as they are text and don’t cry for your attention, but the ads in Yahoo and Hotmail, are Huge graphical moving flash/gif banners!
      That’s just in-your-face advertising, which gets kind of irritating after a while.

  • not working in mozilla firefox 3.6.16 ..inbox ads have gone but whn i open mail i can see ads on th right.. i hav donated by paypal but no luck. chrome works perfect