If you are an owner of a smartphone or a tablet you’d understand the importance of protecting your precious device from scratches or any sort of external damage. That is why smartphone accessories are such a hot market, and there are a number of big players who create fantastic products to keep your device safe. Evutec is one such company which takes the concept of safeguarding your device to the next level. Its the first company to use Kevlar fibres for creating phones cases.

We have reviewed their products in the past, and we talked about how they take great pain to make sure each and every they create meets the quality standards. Not to mention their cases are created using some of the best protective material known to man. They use high tech materials such as DuPont Kevlar, Fiberglass and real wood veneer fused with Kevlar. The good part is Evutec cases do not mar the look of your of your device but enhances it.

We have teamed up with Evutec to give away two of their finest products – The Karbon SP Series case and Wood S Series Case for the iPhone 5 and 5S. If you haven’t already checked our review for these cases you should do it now to see for yourself why these products blow away the competition.

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