Roaming around at the International CES 2014 in the accessories section, I came across several accessories, and mainly cases, for smartphone that were quite creative and unique. Since this was my first visit to the CES, I am unsure if there are always this many accessories manufacturing companies at the event. Howsoever it might be, I had the opportunity to see most of them in action or get enough information about them to present them here.

I would be writing a series of articles exploring these unique cases or even other accessories and see what sets them apart. Not all cases are made equal and their purpose, quality, features vary according to the demographic that the manufacturer targets. We will look into the details of each one in this series – see the purpose for which the case was designed and if it lives up to it.

Follow along to explore some of the most unique and creative cases seen on the floor at CES.

There is a Case for That!

The cases can be classified based on the purpose that it fulfils. Here’s how we classify them. 

Note: The classifications may be modified as we go ahead if we find some accessories that do not fit into any of the categories here.


ElementCase has partnered with Ducati to create rugged, shock-resistant phone cases.

The cases that are designed with the primary purpose of protecting your smartphone. The level of protection is classified as below –

  • Regular – Would keep your phone safe from regular scratches and bruises.
  • Good – Slightly bulked up cases that would protect against the occasional bad falls.
  • Hardcore – Highly protective cases that would keep your phone safe against any sort of impact.
  • Extreme – Throw (almost) anything at it, the phone would be safe.

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Look and Feel

Beautiful branded cases like the Ferrari ones shown above are in huge demand.

Some cases offer the look and feel of the cases as the primary feature. Everyone has their own perception when it comes to the design that they like. Hence the ratings here are to be taken as my own opinions.

  • Regular – Not really designed for its looks. Mostly has a high protective or utility factor.
  • Cool – Made by keeping design aesthetics in mind. Looks good.
  • Beautiful – It has quite nice looks and most people who see it would like it.
  • Want! – A thing of impeccable beauty and design details. Highly impressive.

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Prong PocketPlug is a Phone Case with an Integrated Charger

Cases and accessories made with the purpose of complimenting your smartphone’s primary functions or adding to it in some way. We would be stating the utility function and discuss why the accessory stands out from others.

  • Is it really needed? – We don’t expect to cover any cases that get this rating, but thought it is better to have this rating anyways.
  • Useful – Yes, it does serve a specific purpose.
  • Highly Useful – There was a need that had to be fulfilled, and this does just that!
  • Can’t live without it – It is one of those things that, once you start using them, they would hook into your daily life and then you can’t let it go!

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That’s it for now!

As of now, It is impossible to know the entire variety of accessories that are out there. As we explore more and more of them, I am sure this article would need some modifications. We will keep it updated.

Meanwhile, if you have any ideas or thoughts about what we could add to the case reviews to make it more thorough, we would love to know about them. Feel free to comment below.