eye fi - logoSocial networking and handheld devices have helped consumers share pictures and videos just about anywhere they go. Digital cameras, in particular, have made it easy for even a novice photographer to capture a great shot. In order to share those pictures, the user has to upload them to a computer then distribute them. If they are away from a computer, this can make sharing pictures difficult.

A new technology called Eye-Fi makes sharing pictures on the go even easier by using WiFi to transmit digital camera pictures on the go.

What is Eye-Fi?

eye fi - memory cardEye-Fi is a wireless memory card. The first of its kind on the market. It works just like a regular SDHC except that it utilizes built-in WiFi to transfer photos, videos and more to your computer. It can also be used to transfer multimedia to handheld devices, such as iPhones. In fact, Eye-Fi memory cards give you endless memory to work with, too.

By enabling endless memory mode, the card will automatically make space at a certain threshold once it receives confirmation that media has successfully been transmitted to its destination. This means that you can take a boatload of pictures, upload them via a WiFi connection and allow the card to delete those to make space for new.

This takes a few minutes, and you can begin taking more pictures with the new room Eye-Fi has made for you on the card. You can even select which pictures and videos are shared when setting up Eye-Fi on your computer before popping it into your digital camera.

How does it work?

When you buy an Eye-Fi card, it is ready to be set-up by plugging it into your computer’s USB reader. From there, you can install the software which allows you to use the card via WiFi. You can configure up to 32 networks to connect to with your Eye-Fi card. Since you will not be able to join a network on the fly, you want to make sure you know the SSID and password of the network’s you want to connect to. Plug them in, and your card can transmit through each one of them when in range.

After you have set up your networks, you can set up where you want the Eye-Fi card to send multimedia. You can set up folders on your computer or designate social networking sites to send your photos and videos to. The privacy settings you have on these sites will dictate exactly how pictures and videos are shared once uploaded via Eye-Fi. As long as your computer is turned on and connected to the Internet, Eye-Fi can transmit your mementos to your desktop or notebook. You can also send pics and vids to iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.

When purchasing an Eye-Fi memory card, you can also take advantage of a free feature called Eye-Fi View. Eye-Fi View allows you to login to a mobile website where pictures and videos from the last seven days are stored. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can log in to share photos and video on the go. You can e-mail family, friends, coworkers and more links to your Eye-Fi View album, too.


Eye-Fi View is also available for the iPhone, iPod and Android phones. You can download the application for free to your phone. As long as you are utilizing an Eye-Fi memory card and using the Eye-Fi View service, you can use the application to view your photos on the go. This way you can show anyone you want the pictures you have taken using your Eye-Fi memory card.

Eye-Fi Premium

For an additional charge of $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year, you can purchase Eye-Fi Premium. Eye-Fi Premium stores your multimedia in the same way Eye-Fi View does but keeps them stored forever. You can access all your photos and videos from anywhere to share. As long as you keep up your subscription, you have access to the storage area. Otherwise, you will rely on a seven-day window to share multimedia through the Eye-Fi View service.

Eye-Fi cards are now available at most major electronics retailers. You can also buy them online. Before you make the buy, you want to ensure your digital camera is compatible with the Eye-Fi technology. You can do this at Eye-Fi’s website. Eye-Fi has compiled a list of digital camera manufacturer’s that are compatible with this type of memory card. Make sure your digital camera is compatible before you make the buy.

Since you need nothing but the memory card itself to get started, you can simply buy the card, install the software on your computer and begin using it in your digital camera the same day. Depending on the type of photos and videos you are uploading, you may need to invest in a specific type of Eye-Fi card. No matter which card you go with Eye-Fi makes it easy to get started once you buy the memory card.

Conclusion – Should you buy an Eye-Fi memory card?

If you are the type of photographer who runs out of room on a memory card while on vacation, the Eye-Fi memory card is for you. Those looking for a way to share pictures and video with the world instantly, this card can do it for you with little hassle. The Eye-Fi memory card allows you take an endless amount of pictures as long as you are connected to a WiFi connection.

Now that WiFi is available just about everywhere unless you are in the middle of the woods or in space, chances are you can connect and take advantage of everything Eye-Fi has to offer.

Check out Eye-Fi for yourself and see if a wireless memory card is right for you.