While Chrome has a lot of great features, the one feature it’s lacking is the option to automatically delete download entries from the download area at the bottom of the screen. If you download files often in Chrome, chances are the absence of this feature has caused you some irritation.

There is now, however, an extension for Chrome that makes automatically removing these entries possible. It’s called “Always Clear Downloads”. This app removes the download entries from the download bar on a timed schedule throughout the day. This is a simple workaround that works beautifully for a feature that should have been a part of the browser right from the beginning.

In this article we’ve will outline how to a close the download bar in Google Chrome using Always Clear Downloads.

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Install the Extension: Always Clear Downloads

To remove the downloaded files in the download bar using Always Clear Downloads, your first step is to install the extension. Visit the download page for Always Clear Downloads here to install it in Chrome.


After installing this app, an icon of a tear drop will appear in the top right corner of the browser representing Always Clear Downloads, so you know it’s up and running.


Deleting Download Entries

Using this extension to delete download entries from the download bar is as easy as clicking the tear drop icon. This is what it looks like when you download files in Chrome, with remnants of the downloaded files at the bottom of your screen.


If at anytime you’d like to remove these entries from the download bar, just click the tear drop icon once, and your download entries will instantly disappear from the bottom of your screen.


Additionally, if you forget to click the icon, it will automatically remove any entries from the download bar every 5 seconds. If you have any failed downloads, it will delete these entries as well.

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It’s hard to say anything negative about this handy extension. It’s seamless, it’s free and it works quietly in the background, deleting any and all download entries from the download bar. For anyone who downloads often or is irritated by the absence of this feature, this is a must-have an extension for Chrome.

Check out: Always Clear Downloads

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