Netflix has become the number one way to get movies without physically renting them. You can sign up for a Netflix account and choose a subscription. The basic subscription offers one DVD at a time to your home along with being able to use Netflix services online.

Any films, TV shows, documentaries and more that are part of the Instant Queue program of Netflix can be streamed to your video game systems and handheld devices. If you have a Nintendo Wii, you can stream Netflix through the device and to your TV as long as you have an active subscription.

How to get Netflix on the Wii

The first step to getting Netflix on your Wii is to boot up your console and navigate to the Wii Shop Channel.

(1) opening menu

You want to load the Wii Shop Channel by clicking on its icon on the menu screen, and then you want to hit “Start.”

(2) Wii Shop Channel Menu

Once the Wii Shop Channel Menu, you want to click on “Wii Channels.” This will bring you to the area where you can download Netflix.

(3) Wii Shop Channel Screen

Click “Start Shopping” to move on to the next screen.

(4) Start Shopping

Netflix is currently at the top of the shopping list, so you want to click on it.

(5) Finding Netflix

Once the Netflix download is open, you want to click on “Download.”

(6) Netflix Details

You will then be asked where to save the Netflix channel. You can choose to save it on the Wii itself or on an SD Memory Card. For Netflix, it is better to save it to the console itself so no issues arise when you try to stream content to the Wii down the line.

(7) Download Location

The next screen will confirm the download along with letting you know that the Wii Remote is required to control the channel. Hit “Ok” to continue.

(8) Confirmation

The download confirmation screen will ask you to make sure you are ready to download the Netflix channel. It will also let you know how much space the channel will take up. When you are ready, hit “Yes” to begin the download.

(9) Yes or No

The download screen will pop up, wait until it is finished to continue.

(10) Downloading Netflix

Hit “Ok” to return back to the Wii home screen.

(11) Download Finished

Netflix is now installed on your Nintendo Wii.

(12) Netflix Menu After Added to Wii

You want to click on the Netflix channel and hit “Start.” You will be given a code that you will need to activate online with your account.

(13) Netflix Loading

In order to sync your Netflix account to work with the Wii, you want to login to your Netflix account online and navigate to “Your Account” in the top right of the screen.

(14) your account

Scroll down to “Watching Instantly on Your TV or Computer” and then choose the option “Activate a Netflix ready device.”

(16) netflix ready device

From here, you will enter the code the Wii is displaying to sync the account with the console. Your Netflix account is now synced with your Wii and you can begin watching additions to your Instant Queue.

How to use Netflix on the Wii

Once you have loaded the Netflix channel on your Wii, you can begin watching items on your Instant Queue immediately. You use the Wii Remote as your controller. Each button is hot keyed to a function within the Netflix channel so it will become easier over time to navigate through the menu.

When you first load Netflix on the Wii, your Instant Queue will pop up with titles listed in order of how you added them online.

(17) Instant Queue

If you want to browse through categories, you can click on “Categories” to bring up that menu.

(18) Categories on Wii

If you want to search for a title, click on “Search” to do so. It can be tricky to navigate the keyboard but you can find the titles you are looking for quickly this way.

(19) Search

When you are ready to watch a title, click on it and a new screen will pop up with more information about what you have selected. Click “Play” or hit the “1” button on the Wii Remote to start the movie.

(20) More details about movie

It will take a few seconds for the movie to load, but then you will be able to watch what you chose at your leisure. In order to control the movie during playback, you can use the “A” button to “Pause” and resume play. While paused if you use the “B” button the Remote, you will go back to the previous screen. Also while paused, if you want to skip through chapters, you can do so with the “-“ or “+” buttons on the Wii Remote.

Navigating through your Netflix on the Wii can be frustrating because of how the Wii Remote works. The easiest way to get the most out of your Instant Queue is to control it online through your account as opposed to doing it through the Wii. You can change the order of titles online which makes it easier to watch what you want on the Wii. Take the time to order your Instant Queue the way you want so you can begin watching titles on the Wii as soon as you load up the channel.

Is using Netflix on the Wii worth it?

Many consumers forget they can use Netflix on other devices in the home, such as the Nintendo Wii. You are paying for a subscription to get DVDs in the mail but you can use streaming technology to watch other titles. Otherwise you are stuck waiting for a DVD to come in the mail when you are in the mood for a good movie for the night.

Take advantage of everything Netflix offers with your subscription and invest in streaming your Instant Queue to your Nintendo Wii or other devices.

Do you use Netflix on any of your media devices? How was your experience in setting them up? Let us know in the comments below.

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