hjsplit - logoSending files on the Internet can be frustrating. If the file is too large, you may not be able to send it via e-mail. Then you have to find another way to send it to someone. This may involve uploading it to a free site that hosts files, utilizing a FTP server or burning it to a disc.

This can be much more time-consuming than originally planned out especially if the file is too large to be transmitted through traditional means. HJSplit can make splitting files easy and eliminate the frustration of trying to share large files with others. There are oher ways like he torrents, but not everyone whom you may send the file to, may be able to use a torrent software.

How HJSplit makes sending files easier?

HJSplit is a freeware program that splits and combines files. It comes on a variety of operating systems but for today’s tutorial I will be using Windows 7 to illustrate how to use it. These steps can be followed for any version of HJSplit.

The software requires no installation to start using. Visit HJSplit’s web site to download the program. Once it has downloaded, you need to extract it to its own folder. You can place this folder anywhere on your computer you want and create a shortcut to HJSplit on your desktop or “Start Menu.”

(2) hjsplit folder & shortcut

I am going to use a movie called Supervolcano to illustrate how to use HJSplit.

How to split files with HJSplit

You want to open up HJSplit.

HJSplit start screen

Then, click on the “Split” button.

(4) split window

You want to find the file you are splitting and select it. In this case, I am looking for the Supervolcano AVI file on my desktop.

(5) finding the file

Before you split it, you need to decide in what space increments you will be splitting the file into. This is determined by what the limits are in how you are sending the file. If your e-mail provider only allows you to send 100 MB per e-mail, you want to split the file into 100 MB increments.

Once you have decided, you want to click “Start” to begin the splitting process.

(6) splitting file

A pop-up will appear letting you know HJSplit is working on it.

(7) working on splitting

Once finished, another pop-up will appear that lets you know it is done. Hit “Okay” to exit screen.

(9) supervolcano split

You now have split your file into multiple parts that you can send via e-mail, upload or distribute anyway you choose.

How to join files

When you split a file with HJSplit, it labels each part with a .001, .002., .003 and so on for each split. You will need every part to combine the file into a working copy of the original.

(8) supervolcano split

When you are ready to join the files, you want to open HJSplit again and click the “Join” button.

(10) join window

From here, you will locate the first split file which should end in .001. In this example, we are locating Supervolcano.avi.001. Once we have found it, we want to hit “Open.”

(11) finding file to join

Now we can combine the Supervolcano files to watch by hitting “Start.”

(12) joining file

Once again, a pop-up will appear that lets you know it is working on the file. Once finished, you can watch the movie from start to finish.

(13) working file after split

What else can HJSplit do?

HJSplit can check to see if files are the same or not. This applies to individual files. If you have downloaded two files and you suspect they are the same, you can compare the two to see if they are in fact the same file or not.

From HJSplit’s main menu, you want to click on “Compare.”

(14) compare window

Now, you will choose the two files you want to compare in “File 1” and “File 2.”

I have taken the first and second split of Supervolcano to compare. They will not be the same because they contain two different parts of the film.

(15) compare not equal

You can also analyze the checksum of files. Checksums can be used to figure out if a file is corrupt or not. If you ever try to combine files with HJSplit and an error message appears that you cannot, checking the checksum of the original file before it was sent and then the file after it was combined can tell you if it was corrupted during the download process.

In order to do this, click the “Checksum” button on HJSplit’s main menu.

(16) checksum window

You will want to locate the original file first.

(17) finding original for cheksum

Then, you can click “Start” to begin generating its checksum.

(18) finding checksum 2

When it has finished, you want to copy the checksum number to compare to the duplicate Supervolcano file. Keep this somewhere safe until you have the duplicate’s checksum to compare with it.

You want to then follow the same steps to generate a checksum for the duplicate file to compare the two.

Both Supervolcano files, original and duplicate, have the same checksum which lets us know the files are not corrupt. The duplicate matches the original and will play just as well as it in a media player. Checksums and comparisons can help narrow down issues you may have playing back files split and joined with HJSplit.

Conclusion – How HJSplit can make your life easier?

HJSplit can make it quite easy to send and receive files when you have limited resources to work with. If you need to send a large file via e-mail, you can split it into parts and send each part in an individual e-mail. If you need to split a file over CDs or DVDs to share with someone who can combine it on their end, you can use HJSplit to do this.

HJSplit makes it very easy for anyone to split, combine and send large files without investing in portable hard drives or large storage devices.

Download HjSplit.