Green Lantern Windows 7 ThemeThe Green Lantern Corps is the name of a fictional intergalactic police force appearing in comics published by DC Comics. The superhero character Green Lantern was first introduced in the year 1940. Green Lantern made the first appearance in the All-American Comics series as Alan Scott, the first Human Green Lantern.

The Green Lantern character in the recently released movie “The Green Lantern” is that of Hal Jordan, the second human Green Lantern as per the comics. Hal becomes the Green Lantern when the ring of a dying alien, Abin Sur, chooses him as a worthy ring-bearer. The responsibility of protecting the Earth from an universal threat now falls to Hal. This theme is based on the recently released Green Lantern movie.

The Green Lantern Theme consists of 30+ Hi-Res Wallpapers, custom icons and sounds for a complete feel of the Green Lantern world on your system.

Green Lantern Windows 7 Theme Screenshots:

Green Lantern Wallpaper 01 - TechNorms

Green Lantern Wallpaper 12 - TechNorms

Green Lantern Wallpaper 17 - TechNorms

Green Lantern Wallpaper 16 - TechNorms

Green Lantern Wallpaper 15 - TechNorms

Green Lantern Wallpaper 06 - TechNorms

Green Lantern Wallpaper 09 - TechNorms

These are just a few of the 30+ Hi-Res wallpapers that come with this theme. Download the theme to get them all.

Custom Icons and Sounds For Green Lantern Theme:

Green Lantern Theme comes with custom Icons and cool Sounds from the movie. Check them out.

Icons Set:

Green Lantern Icons - TechNorms

Download Green Lantern Windows 7 Theme:

Windows 7 Green Lantern Theme

We have a dedicated download page for the Green Lantern Windows 7 Theme. You can also view and download several other themes in our Windows 7 Themes Gallery.

Download Green Lantern Windows 7 Theme.

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