Reddit is a useful website for following technology-related news. It picks up news from multiple websites, links to the good stuff and can gather large numbers of fans of very niche things in one place.

However, picking a subreddit to follow good technology news can be difficult. The most obvious choice, /r/technology, has been diluted down to news only tangentially related to actual technology. Don’t just follow /r/technology – follow these subreddits for more niche specific updates.

Best Tech Subreddits



/r/Android is the number-one place for all Android-related news on reddit. It keeps up with news on Samsung, Motorola, HTC and others.

The community is also fairly knowledgeable about tech. It’s nice to talk tech news with a group of other people just as enthusiastic about the new features in Android Lollipop as I am.



This subreddit is the best way to follow all the news on the biggest company in the tech sector. Regardless of whether you like Apple, its actions usually create ripple effects throughout the industry and are worth watching closely.

/r/Apple is a nice little community of Mac and iPhone fans. Discussion is more level headed than most forums because the audience tends to skew older. Would definitely recommend subscribing for anyone interested in Apple news and discussions.



/r/tech is what /r/technology should be- a subreddit focused on the latest and greatest in actual technology, not tech-related politics.

The subreddit isn’t as active as /r/technology, but that’s a good thing. Large defaults tend to be sensationalistic and strongly anti-Apple, even when it’s not deserved.



/r/Linux is a pleasant umbrella community for fans of free software without focusing on one distro. The news tends to focus on kernel-level news or stuff that affects everybody in Linuxland.

The crowd does tend to push Arch Linux a little too much, but it’s no big deal since the average level of technological expertise is far higher in /r/Linux than in other subreddits.



For those interested in consumer technology outside of strictly computers and smartphones, there’s /r/gadgets. It’s a slow but enjoyable community about the latest Surface tablet or personal drone.

For those looking for something novel and new, /r/gadgets will definitely show you that. Curved TV? Check. Realistic robot dog? Check. Robotic exoskeleton? Check. Sounds good to me.



Let me be absolutely clear: you should never, ever take the advice of anyone you meet on /r/Bitcoin. Though friendly, the community hypes Bitcoin to a frankly ridiculous level.

/r/Bitcoin is awesome for following Bitcoin news- and that is worth following. The cryptocurrency is a technological marvel… if only the people using it weren’t so utopian about it.



Windows Phone hasn’t been making a ton of waves lately, but it’s definitely still going strong. Microsoft has been adding features like crazy to Windows Phone 8. It’s a pretty good OS by now.

Even if you’re not a Windows Phone user, it’s worth following their news to see what the small minority is doing. WP8 is underrated and could be more influential in the future.

/r/WindowsPhone is a very small subreddit of Microsoft and Nokia fans who follow this stuff. They aggregate WP news well.

They also have useful advice like all the best apps for new users. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of getting a Windows Phone.

Final Thoughts

If you’re into technology news, reddit is a great way to follow everything within the field. Check out the subreddits we listed!