Windows is undeniably the best way to play games on a PC, but that doesn’t mean you’re left out in the cold on an Apple computer.

With more games ported to Mac than ever and a good external display, it’s a great time to be a Mac gamer. Here are a few games (as of January 2016) you should try.

5 Great Mac Games (January 2016)

Team Fortress 2


Do you love multiplayer shooters but feel like you don’t have the twitch reflexes and mouse-and-keyboard skills to keep up with the pros? Team Fortress 2 is for you.

Valve’s long-running shooter is constantly updated with new free content on top of a rock-solid multiplayer base. That base is like nothing else in multiplayer gaming- it was designed to be a competitive shooter for people bad at shooters. Even if you’re not great at pulling headshots with the Sniper (and don’t play Sniper), you can still contribute to the team as a Medic or Engineer.

The interplay between the classes and best-in-class maps make TF2 a must-play for any PC gamer. TF2 is also our stand-in for basically every Valve game. They’re all on Mac, and they’re all worth playing.

Download Team Fortress 2

FTL: Faster Than Light


FTL: Faster Than Light is best described as a Firefly simulator. You captain a ship on a voyage across the universe, dodging space pirates and the forces chasing you.

FTL is set up as a roguelike. Each run starts you from the beginning, with a new crew, ship and randomized universe. Exploring the galaxy and trying to survive in this tough game is a great fun for any sci-fi fan.

The Mac port is alright. It’s a fun game that’ll also heat your your computer for free. Power consumption could be better. Still, FTL is a good time.

Download FTL: Faster Than Light

Tomb Raider (2013)


The Tomb Raider reboot from 2013 made its way to Mac! The newest take on Lara Croft’s adventures leaves her stranded on a strange island with homicidal natives. Exploring the island while trying to survive makes for a gripping game.

The Tomb Raider reboot is notable because it gets Lara Croft right for the first time in years. It focuses on solving puzzles, fighting bad guys and exploring unknown areas. It’s a well-polished adventure that anyone with the graphics card to handle should try.

Download Tomb Raider



Explaining why so many people love Undertale would be nearly impossible. The best summary is that if you like old-school RPGs like Earthbound and Final Fantasy, you need to play Undertale.

The game is $10 and 5 hours of clever, subversive RPG gameplay. Undertale is warm and funny and dark all at the same time. It happily upends your expectations and leaves you with a profound sense of affection for its world.

The Mac port is excellent. Undertale doesn’t use too much power and runs in a resizable window (or full screen). It stays simple and avoids problems.

Download Undertale

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Blizzard’s digital collectable card game has earned a legion of fans for its approachable gameplay that hides a long skill curve. It’s so simple until you realize everything going on behind every play and reach the upper levels.

Hearthstone deserves a special not as well for living on multiple platforms. You can play the game with your same card collection on Mac, iPad and iPhone. I would highly recommend Hearthstone on an iPad- it is a fantastic tablet game.

The Mac port works well. It runs fast and doesn’t drain your battery unless you turn up the graphics to high. At that point you’ll get buttery smooth 60fps, albeit at the cost of battery life on a MacBook.

Download Hearthstone

Hall of Shame


  • Soma: Awful Mac port that does not support Intel graphics cards, which is most of them. Very few Macs still have a dedicated GPU.
  • Hotline Miami: Bad Mac port that requires modifying the app wrapper to play in full-screen correctly, and even that doesn’t work perfectly.
  • The Walking Dead: Bugtacular Mac port that crashes constantly. It’s hard to feel the emotional weight of a scene when one character vanishes.
  • Wrappers: If it’s in Cider or Wineskin, don’t.

Final Thoughts

Again, Windows is your best bet for serious PC gaming. If you’d like to keep working on a Mac, though, these are some good options.