Google+ Agent GWith everyone clamoring over Google+ invites, one of the features lacking so far is the ability to link your status updates to other social networking sites. Since Google+ is still developing and evolving, it is possible that Google will add this type of functionality down the line, especially for sites like Twitter.

However, the likelihood that Google adds syncing between Facebook or even vice versa is slim to none. In the meantime, you can utilize other websites and tricks to sync your status updates between Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.


How to use Agent G to link your Google+ account

Agent G is a Google+ profile that helps sync your status updates to Facebook, Twitter and By adding him to your Circles on Google+ and then logging into your other social networking sites, you can sync them all together so you only have to update one to share with them all.

The first step is to open up Google+ and make sure you are logged into your account.

(2) google profile login

Now, you want to add Agent G+ to your Circles. While you do not necessarily have to add him, it makes it easier to share status updates this way.

Search for “Agent G” in the “Find People” box at the top of your Stream. He should be the first result that pops up. From there, you can click on his name to navigate to his profile.

(3) finding Agent G

Find the red “Add to Circles” button.

(5) add to circles

When you hover over it, your Circles will appear in the box. You can then add Agent G to any of them by checking those boxes.

(6) add to circles 2

You can see Agent G is added to your Circles because the box turned green and lists what Circle he is included in.

(7) adding to circles

Now, you want to open up the following website:

This is the Agent G home page. From here, you should login to your Facebook, Twitter and/or profiles.

In order to login to Facebook, click the “Login with Facebook” link.

(8) links to sign in

You will need to click “Allow” to let Agent G sync with your Facebook profile.

(9) permission request for facebook

Once you click, you will be redirected and given an authentication string.

(10) auth code

You need to head back over to your Google+ profile and share that authentication string with Agent. Make sure to keep the Agent G web site up while you do this. You will need to refer back to it. You can do this by copying and pasting the string into your status update. Type in Agent G’s name into the box to share it with just him and not the rest of your Google+ Circles. Click “Share” to share it with Agent G.

(10) sharing auth string with agent g

Now, you want to head back to the Agent G website and refresh it to make sure it synced properly. If it synced correctly, it will let you know.

(11) facebook synced

In order to share updates between the Google+ and Facebook, you have to share status updates on Google+ a certain way. You must make sure to either tag Agent G individually or ensure he is in a Circle you are sharing the status update with to make sure they post in both locations.(12) how to share

If you login to your Facebook profile and head to your wall, you will see that Agent has successfully posted your status there, too.

(13) synced with facbeoolk

Now, you want to link your Google+ account to your Twitter. You want to head back to Agent G’s website and click on the “Sign in with Twitter” button.

(14) permission request for twitter

Once you “Allow,” it will redirect you back to the Agent G web page. You need to follow the same steps with the authentication string as you did for Facebook. Once you have shared it with Agent G on Google+, you will be synced to Twitter, too.

(15) connected to twitter

If you have an account, you can follow the same steps as opposed to sync that account as well. Just head back to the Agent G web site and click on the “” link. Follow the steps it requires, and you will have synced all three accounts to your Google+ profile.

Now, all you have to do is update Google+ and Agent G will send those updates to Twitter, Facebook, and Simply login to your Google+ profile, update your status and make sure to include him when you share. From there, your status updates will be shared to everyone who follows you regardless of where you social network.

Is Agent G an effective tool for syncing your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts?

When I synced my own Google+ profile with Agent G, Facebook updated almost instantly. However, I still cannot get my Twitter status updates to reflect what I have posted on Google+, yet. I do not have an profile, so I could not test Agent G with that service.

While Agent G is an easy way to sync all three of your accounts, for now, I would find it hard to believe something better will not come along. While Facebook and Twitter are fighting for users against Google+, it would not surprise me in the least if Google tried to work out a deal with Twitter to utilize some sort of syncing process between the two. I find it highly unlikely Facebook and Google will ever work out a deal like that, but those of us torn between social networks can always dream.

Agent G is an easy way to sync your social networks for the time being until it either becomes a bigger venture or something better comes along. Give Agent G a try today and let us know what you think of the service and how well it works for you.

Check out Agent G on Google+ and see if he can help you sync your accounts.