Over the years various software companies and a lot of talented developers and programmers have created some awesome programs which are available for download online. It’s not always easy to find the perfect software that we really need and which would get the job done for us. This is where the software download sites come in handy.

These sites host the software on their own servers so that it’s available for download 24/7. They also categorize them properly so that it’s easy for us to explore and find the software we are looking for.

24 Best Software Download Sites To Bookmark

Software download sites scan all the programs to make sure they are free of spyware and viruses. Almost all the mentioned sites have an active user community so that you can make an informed decision before you download. Let’s look at a few sites which have made their mark on the internet with their huge collection of software and easy navigation options.

1) Download.com


Download.com is the mother of all software download sites. It’s the oldest of its type and was established about 14 years ago. This site is owned by CNet, one of the biggest names in Technology News and Products reviews.

It has a huge repository of computer software for all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as Mobile Applications. They also cover web-based applications and services.  The Software section includes over 100,000 freeware, shareware, and try-first free download.

Software downloads are often rated and reviewed by editors and contain a summary of the file from the software publisher. Registered users may also write reviews and rate the product.

Check out Download.com

2) FileHippo.com


FileHippo is one of our favorite software download sites that gives users free access. It offers freeware as well as shareware.

It also offers the FileHippo Update Checker, a small program that scans your computer for installed software from the FileHippo site and suggests available updates for it. Keeping computer software updated is an important step in keeping your computer secure. The FileHippo update checker helps you do that with ease.

Check out FileHippo.com

3) ZDNet Download


ZDNet’s Software Directory is the Web’s largest library of software downloads. Covering software for Windows, Mac, and Mobile systems, ZDNet’s Software Directory is the best source for technical software.

Over the last few years, they have gone through a number of upgrades and the site has a better collection of software as compared to when it started. They list both Freeware and Shareware downloads. ZDNet lists its most popular downloads right as you open the homepage and is one of the most trusted software download sites. 

Check out ZDNet Downloads

4) Softpedia.com


If you regularly need to download software and applications on your PC, you must already be familiar with Softpedia. It is one of the safest software download sites. Softpedia is a Romanian website that indexes information and provides a direct download link for the software.

The site also indexes major technology, science, health, and entertainment news. Software categories are arranged hierarchically and are modeled after Windows filesystem paths, such as “C: > Mobile Phone >  Tools > Nokia.”

Users can sort by criteria such as the date of the last update, the number of downloads, or the rating. There are three viewing modes, normal, freeware, or shareware, which allows users to screen out certain types of technical software.

Check out Softpedia

5) Tucows.com


Tucows, originally an acronym for The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software, a name which has long since been dropped. It has a popular website directory of shareware, freeware, and demo software packages available to download. If you are looking for free software download sites, Tucows is a must-visit. 

A system of mirror sites is maintained to allow the traffic to the site to be distributed among several worldwide server locations. Tucows has software for many major computer platforms including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, and also older program versions of Windows software (most notably the Windows 3.x series). They also cover web-based Apps and Services.

Check out Tucows

6) FreewareFiles.com


FreewareFiles, as the name indicates a website dedicated to Freeware software and have a number of Open Sources programs listed. They have over 16,000 freeware programs available for download on their website. The programs are arranged in categories and it’s quite easy to navigate and find the ones you are looking for.

The website interface is busy and keeps you posted about the latest happenings in the technology world. One of the most reliable software download sites, FreewareFiles, has excellent picks in antivirus, developer tools, games, and utility sections.

Check out FreewareFiles

7) MajorGeeks


MajorGeeks is here to help you get the most out of your computer mainly by offering tools for beginners and advanced users. It was previously known as TweakFiles in 1997 but has been renamed.

Many of the files found here give you a nice interface and even explain things to you in simple terms. Many do not even make modifications until you apply them. The files provided for download are checked for quality before they are posted. This simply means every program is checked to be sure it basically does what it promises and is spyware and virus-free. 

MajorGeeks has an excellent user community to help new users with computer issues as well as keep a tab on irregularities in software. It is one of the most unique free software download sites we have currently.

Check out MajorGeeks

8) Soft32


Soft32 was established in 2003 and has been updating its software directory regularly since then. It covers freeware and shareware software for Mac, Windows, and Linux along with Mobile/PDA and has a special iPhone apps section. It has a repository of more than 90,000 programs and features a Windows forum for getting help with Windows Operating system issues. They are many new software direct download link options added to their library as we write.

One of the best software download sites, Soft32, boasts well-made categories. You will find them all on the left panel of the homepage. Network tools, audio, developer tool, games, and educational software, skim through all of them and more to scan the full library. Soft32 includes all the popular software like Audacity, GIMP, and VLC Media Player. 

Check out Soft32

9) Softonic


Softonic was established in 1997 and is one of Europe’s leading software download websites with more than 105,000 freeware, shareware, and trial version software titles available. The software downloader includes reviews written in Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Polish. The English language portal was launched in November 2005.

Softonic International is committed to offering the latest Windows software and software for all platforms, with reviews in the world’s most popular languages. One of the coolest features of Softonic is a unique software comparison tool that allows you to evaluate multiple files and programs side-by-side. So, every time you are confused about which technical software to download for meeting a need, check out the comparison charts first. Softonic is one of the most popular and reliable software download sites we have today.

Check out Softonic

10) Ninite


Ninite is one of the best software download websites to check. It has a unique approach towards handling software on your computer. Every time you are looking for software for your operating system, you don’t need to search for and download a new program individually. If you use Ninite, it gives you an option to download one or multiple applications in one go. 

For example, if you are looking for a video or audio player, just move to the Media section to get a bunch of program options to download. It also helps you keep your application updated as it notifies you if a new version of the software is available.

If you don’t find software or a paid software that you want, you can also recommend them to add it to their database. Ninite accepts suggestions and adds the popular user-requested app to its list regularly. This awesome feature makes Ninite one of the top options when it comes to choosing the best software download sites.

Check out Ninite

11) Download Crew


Download Crew boasts a cleaner interface than most other software download sites. They have, what we’d call, a no-nonsense approach. On the left side of the page, different categories classify the software in their respective fields from where it gets easy to jump to a particular section and download the one you need.

Download Crew is not just limited to Windows-related software. It showcases applications for other platforms including Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Apart from searching for a particular application, you get a chance to discover some new tools by scanning through the “Most Popular Downloads” list.

The most useful attribute of Download Crew is that it offers short reviews about each program, what it does, and how it is useful. This makes it easy for a potential user to make a decision about whether they should or shouldn’t use a particular software or app.

Check out Download Crew

12) File Horse


FileHorse is somewhat a new kid on the block. It does not come with a large collection of files like most of the other software download sites. Instead, it only displays the best and most popular software available in the market. It takes pride in making sure the software you download is virus-free and safe. They have set up internal checks to make sure that the software you download is free from any sort of malware.

The limited software list, where each of the applications is mentioned under the respective categories, is either freeware or open-source, which is always free to download. FileHorse is a great option if you want to replace popular software with another popular alternative. It helps you find a better replacement for an application if you need it.

Check out FileHorse

13) FilePuma


Easy to navigate and get what you are looking for is the primary goal towards which FilePuma. Its ‘free update detector’ keeps your software up to date so that you are sure you have the most recent version of any software. The listed software is perfectly categorized to help you get through the right application easily no matter whether it is related to Internet & Network, Graphics Design, Desktop, or Business.

Irrespective of the file size, FilePuma ensures that your download takes only a few seconds. One of the safest software download sites, FilePuma, includes a highly-efficient search tool that gives you the product results as you begin to type. 

Check out FilePuma

14) SourceForge – One of The Best Software Download Sites


The remarkably popular software download website SourceForge has had a love-hate relationship with its users. People loved it when it was the primary source of getting quality open source software. It was then bought by another company (Dice) and users hated it as Dice formulated the policy to bundle 3rd-party (mostly unwanted) software with the open-source programs.

Later in 2106, when BizX bought Sourceforge from Dice. They discontinued the policy to bundling 3rd party apps and unwanted programs, and since then it has again gained the users’ favor and been the most popular software download website with a huge software library.

Sourceforge has collaborated and distributed software to over 33 million users. Yes, if you are a developer, you can even collaborate with them to help them create an ultimate resource for open source software development and distribution. One of the best software download sites, SourceForge, displays the number of weekly downloads just as you open the homepage.

Check out SourceForge

15) Software Informer


Software Informer is more of a guide that keeps you up to date with all the information about any software you might need. Although limited, it has a decent collection of software to download for free. It has an automatic update function, and it constantly runs in the background so that if any latest update is available, it informs you.

You have to be careful while installing a new update since a few updates contain bugs. So it’s best if you do not enable auto update. Those who use this software use discretion while opting for a particular update. It’s not a negative, you just have to be careful about any new update and just read up on the proposed changes before clicking that update option. It is considered one of the simplest software download sites. Put any software on download and have the file ready in a few seconds. 

Check out Software Informer

16) NirSoft


One of the most credible software download sites, NirSoft is growing in popularity as a freeware provider. The utility website derives its name from the owner Nir Sofer and provides a variety of free software to users. All the utility products especially boast a small file size. This makes downloading multiple software from the same provider a feasible option. 

All the software utilities that you see on NirSoft are written and brought into being by Nir Sofer. Apart from being the creator, he also manages the entire website on his own. A unique property of the products available with the website is that every software is made to fulfill one single purpose well. For example, if you skim through the options and stumble upon a password reviewer, its sole aim is to store all your credentials in one place.

This also justifies why the utilities available with Nirsoft are not too big when it comes to the downloaded file size. 

Check out NirSoft

17) FileOur Software


Although the site is not very popular, you can resort to FileOur to get your hands on free software. FileOur does not contain any viruses or malware, thus qualifying as one of the most secure software download sites. You get to download the product directly from the publisher’s server. FileOur includes software for all operating systems. 

The site boasts very well-organized software categories. Browser, cleaner, anti-virus, desktop tools, converter – click on what you want to see the options available. Every product is described using a short sentence to explain to users what it is used for. They also have worthy picks in the compression, audio, backup, communication, and emulator sections as well.

The software downloader website includes both freeware and shareware. You can skim through FileOur for meeting your multimedia, gaming, screen recorder, video editing software, file management, and recovery needs as well. 

Check out FileOur

18) FossHub


Anyone in the hunt for software download sites that makes tons of free applications available must definitely visit FossHub. The website was started in 2007 and is an excellent resource. You get your hands on various open-source software, especially technical products without having to pay anything at all. The interface is easy to navigate and divides what’s available with them in easy to understand categories. You will spot them as you open the homepage and can directly click on what’s required.

The download time depends on the file size but is quick enough to enable you to come back for more. Most files are available as easy one-click downloads. Even if you do not register yourself with the website, you are eligible to post a software review. FossHub can be trusted to download software for Windows, Mac, smartphones, and even Linux. Anti-malware, graphic apps, video editors, file sharing tools, and much more; you get them all under one roof. The enhanced functionality of the website makes it a must-try.

Check out FossHub

19) DonationCoder

donation coder

DonationCoder is one of the older software download sites and has been providing users with free software for more than 15 years now. The menu bar ensures smooth navigation and you can check several professional-grade high-quality software. The ‘latest news’ column on the left of the homepage keeps you posted about the latest software updates, insights, and new entries. There is no adware, malware, or spyware on DonationCoder, thereby ensuring you have a secure browsing experience.

The website has an online community where users can speak to software professionals and ask questions. They resolve your software installation queries and provide valuable details about the world of technology. So, you can put across your issues and troubleshoot them in no time. The list of software available with DonationCoder includes products for both personal and professional purposes. Once you put the software for download, your file gets ready in a few seconds. 

Check out DonationCoder

20) 100 Downloads


The name of the website is indicative of what it does. 100 Downloads provides hundreds of free software in simple 1 click and is a secure site. The massive collection makes it one of the best software download sites for freeware files. You will find whatever you are looking for and sometimes even better alternatives. The vast resource boasts software and applications for all Windows devices. Their entire collection is divided into categories. Each category also includes a short description stating the usage of software available in that particular section.

The download links are direct and do the work in a single click. The fuss-free navigation and easy browsing make 100 Downloads one of the must-try and safe software download websites. It is a reliable option for downloading VPN apps, browser extensions, games, system tools, and video players. They also have some noteworthy picks in the photo editing software and networking tools sections as well.

Check out 100 Downloads

21) Full Free Software

full free software Best Software Download Sites

Full Free Software provides the latest versions of tons of software and applications. If you are on the lookout for troubleshooting your PC issues, there are various solutions available with Full Free Software. Some of the apps quickly resolve everyday issues with your system and the website has gained popularity for making such software available. Despite having everything for free, there are no clickbait or redirected links. Hovering through the dashboard is convenient because of the helpful navigation menu. 

The news column keeps you posted about the latest software updates. There is a small tutorial section as well, which informs users about the importance of certain tools, apps, and recently released software. Be it mobile apps, utility software tools, anti-ransomware, games, or other exciting freeware; you get it all with Full Free Software. One of the best software download sites, Free Full Software, boasts a massive library you must not miss.

Check out Full Free Software

22) Full PC Software

full PC software Best Software Download Sites

Full PC Software gives you full versions of the latest software, apps, and tools for free. You will also find some fun applications for your Android smartphones. Their collection is huge, including some interesting choices for PC games. They have carefully divided the library into categories that are visible on the right side of the homepage. Android, Mac, Linux, or Windows; pick the operating system for which you want to download. Next, you can choose from other available sections like antivirus, tech, and games.

Full PC Software contains short tutorials that guide you on which software to use for meeting what needs. They have tech professionals in the panel who make you aware of the current trends and give valuable advice. You can also take your software-related queries to them. A unique feature of the website is that they allow you to pen down reviews if you are a good writer. You can do so as a guest.

The interface is easy to use and navigation is made simple via the menu bars. They have tons of news articles to read as well. One of the most multi-faceted software download sites, Full Free Software, is unmissable.

Check out Full Free Software

23) BytesIn

bytesin Best Software Download Sites

A comparatively new entry in the software download sites market, BytesIn boasts a massive collection. The website design is very different from the others and they clearly lay out what they have. The software collection is divided into categories, so you can conveniently find what you want. Browse through the three main sections – latest software, essential software, and weekly most downloaded to get your hands on the best products. The ‘weekly most downloaded’ is particularly useful since you get to view what the fellow users are downloading.

Network tools, education, spyware, audio and video editing, antivirus, and games; skim through the categories to check out the entire library. You will also spot all the newly released software with BytesIn. If you wish to download the latest version of specific software or see if something new is available for download or not, BytesIn is a reliable source. So, resort to BytesIn for meeting all types of software needs and download the popular applications for free.

Check out BytesIn

24) Honorable Mention: Alternative.net


Although not specifically a software download website, it has been long regarded as an excellent guide for those who want to find the right software for their needs. If you are ever left wanting due to the lack of features in any software or would like to stop paying for one – AlternativeTo is your best friend.

It has an excellent database of software recommendation which provides great alternatives to any app you search for. It is based on both user recommendations as well what the site adds to its database via editorial recommendations and algorithmic finds.

The only thing lacking is that they do not host these applications on their servers, instead, they link to the appropriate site to download. So, although it misses out on the tag of a software download website, it gains an honorable mention in our list.

Check out AlternativeTo

Final Thoughts On Best Software Download Sites

The best software download sites enable you to download products for all operating systems and every version of it. They are secure, legal, and free. You might see a few advertisements in some of them, but it comes with open-source platforms since they offer you the products without charging a dime.

Spyware, antivirus applications, malware remover, utility tools, or even personal finance software, you get them all with these websites. They also include excellent options for accounting, audio and video editing tools, games, animation, and tons of other useful options.

Some of the software sites allow you to put your queries in front of the tech staff so that you can have your issues resolved. Post a review, share the links with your friends, and download the most popular software in no time via simple clicks. 

(Article Updated on 26 March 2021)